Roon Freezes On Startup

(Peter Leong) #1

Dear Roon Support,

I’ve purchased a life-time membership for Roon about 3 weeks ago, and since then I have not been able to run Roon without it stopping mid-way through the first song and having the application freeze.

I am using a Netgear Orbi, with the Core on a Synology DS916+.

The endpoint is a Sonore Bridge streaming to a Naim ND5XS, and the Roon remote is my MacBook Pro 15" running an Intel Core i7.

Any help would be really appreciated. As you can imagine, it’s been really frustrating in the last couple of weeks.



(Scott G) #3

You might try enabling IGMP Proxy on your NetGear Orbi.
There is a firmware update that allows this, so be sure you have the latest firmware in your router.
You will see a checkmark for Disable IGMP Proxy. Uncheck it.
There is information on the internet on how to do it.

(Noris) #4

Hi @Peter_Leong,

Scott raises a good point of making sure that IGMP Proxying is disabled on the Orbi router, as we have seen this affect Roon in the past and have mentioned it in our Networking Best Practices Guide.

I would give that a try, and if it doesn’t help I’d also like to request some more information:

  • Does this issue only occur on your Sonore + Naim zone or are other zones such as “System Output” impacted by this behavior as well?
  • How often does this issue occur, once a day? More/less often?
  • Does this behavior only occur for local content, or are both local and streaming content affected?

– Noris

(Peter Leong) #5

Hi Noris & Scott,

Thanks for the feedback! The Disable IGMP Proxying is unchecked, and after rebooting the Orbi, I still had the same issue unfortunately.

In reply to Noris’s questions:

  1. There is no issue when System Output is chosen as the zone–only the Sonore+Naim zone is affected.
  2. This issue occurs every time I open Roon to stream to the Sonore+Naim zone.
  3. This issue happens for both local and Tidal streaming.

Thanks to Noris’s first question above, the problem turned out to be the Sonore bridge connection.

I previously connected the Sonore to a TimeCapsule that in turn was wired to the router.

After changing it to a direct connection from the Sonore to the router, issue was fixed…so far! Fingers crossed.

Appreciate your help!


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(Noris) #6

Hi @Peter_Leong,

Thanks for the update here. Do let me know if the system is still stable after a few days of keeping this type of connection!

– Noris