Roon freezes when adding album art

to add or correct artwork i have to add a cover from the internet to downloads then click on roon’s add artwork page and then roon freezes

i was wondering if someone could reply to this
or am i posting the question in the wrong place?

Carl if you are reading this i hope it is in the right place

Hi @keyse1 – sorry for the slow response here. You’re definitely in the right place!

Can you give us a little more information about your issue? I assume you’re starting on the album details screen, then pressing the little pencil to get the Edit Album Information screen.

At this point, clicking the album cover pencil (shown above) is what you want to do – is that where you’re crashing? Or are you getting further than this?

If you’re having this issue trying to add the artwork, let us know where the cover art is located, what format it it’s in, and how you’re adding it (drag and drop from your hard drive, browsing your hard drive, drag and drop URL from the internet, etc).

Thanks @keyse1 – looking forward to getting this resolved for you!

i go to the internet for the image
i click on the pencil
the cover art is either a microphone or the incorrect cover
roon says drag image here
i drag the correct cover across it bounces back
i click on roon where it says drag image
on the computer downloads opens up
i save the image to downloads then open it
i go back to roon
it freezes

Hmm, I just tried this and I’m doing ok. Couple more questions if you don’t mind @keyse1:

Can you give me a link for the image you’re trying to drag in?

Or even better, can you right-click on the image and view it directly? Depending on your web browser, this will be something like “Open Image In New Tab” or “Copy Image Location”.

In your web browser, the URL should end in .jpg or .png, like this, then you should try dragging the image in again:

Would you mind sending me a private message with the downloaded image attached? I’d like to see if there’s something specific to the image you’re using.

Lastly, can you let me know a little more about your setup? Are you using Mac or PC? Is it your main Roon install, or is this on remote?

Thanks @keyse1!

mike tried sending private message but after writing it couldn’t send it,d.dGc&psig=AFQjCNGbQnphlSOLhtIMekhA6nqRrfDqzQ&ust=1432503715404208
this is the image
have now got it to work by using the download method
but not by darg and drop
using iMac 27 inc a few months old

Well, I’m glad it’s working with the local copy now.

For now, I don’t think you’ll be able to drag and drop directly from Google results – you’ll need to view the image directly. You can do this using the instructions above.

Still won’t work
But thanks for the effort
If you can think of anything at a later date let me know
I am still on the trial till next weekend so maybe that has something to do with it