Roon freezes when started with fidelizer 6.13 on windows 10

I use roon with jplay on windows 10 pro and fidelizer 6.13 free. If i select JPlay at fidelizer’s startup as my music player and open Roon once my computer is fidelized everything works well. If i choose Roon as my music player at fidelizer’s startup to my ears the sound is even better and the music first selected keeps playing but then everything freezes up on the computer and i can’t access Roon’s interface or anything else on the computer directly or through my remote android tablet and i have to do a cold restart of the computer by keeping the power button pressed down a few seconds. Any ideas?

It’s possible that running Roon on “High” priority may cause unexpected freeze on some machines. Maybe you can try changing Roon’s process priority to “Above normal” or “Normal” priority after optimizations in task manager and see if that solves the problem.

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