Roon Freezes When Viewing Artist Page For “Oh Wonder”

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

55,481 tracks

Description of Issue

-Add the following track to a Qobuz playlist: “Magnificent” by “Oh Wonder”
-Resync the playlist in Settings-Services-Qobuz-Edit-Resync library now
-Start playing that track
-Click on the album cover thumbnail bottom left corner
-Click on Performed by Oh Wonder


I had no other solution than to re-install Roon…
Only with this track / band as far as I know…

Please let me know what your experiences are…?

Sorry, but I don’t understand the issue? Can you please explain what doesn’t work for you and why reinstalling Roon resolved this.

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The issue is Martin, that if I do just that, I am not able to use Roon anymore. As soon as it goes to show the “Oh Wonder” info page Roon will freeze and you have to end it using Task Manager. When you start Roon back up it freezes again, probably because it goes to the exact same info page. Only thing that helped for me: reinstall Roon. I wonder if others have the same issue and just maybe the development team can check this out. P.S. All other “performer” info pages do work flawlessly.

Seems like people shouldn’t try this because it could damage their roon setup. Not sure why the OP would ask people to do that. Maybe support can take a look at logs and/or provide a workaround.

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Is this the artist and track?

I have no issues, I think we need to look into this in more detail. If I understand correctly, since you are using a Nucleus, it is the Windows client that has the issue?

Can you please try the same track / artist on Roon using another device, e.g., tablet or phone, and let us know how you get on.

I’ve checked on iOS and MacOS, and there were no issues, so I think this is isolated, albeit I can’t check on Windows… I’ll fire-up Linux and check on Wine next.

Edit: No problem with the Windows app running on Wine.

Ok… That’s great… Thank you Martin…!

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I did the same thing on my Android phone and Apple tablet, no issues.

Okay, so it is only affecting your Windows machine. Please provide details of this including specification, Windows version, and how this connects to your network.

Since I don’t use windows, others, including Roon support, will step in.

It is a Microsoft Surface Studio 2 with Windows 10 Ethernet-ed to a Cisco 3500 series switch.

Hey @ronaldwanders,

Thanks for taking the time to write in! Great album by the way, I definitely hear the Bon Iver inspo on the record.

I wanted to check in to see if you were still experiencing this issue? If so, please go through the steps again, and grab a timestamp of the issue (date,time) and share it here. That way, I can enable diagnostics on your account and review what might be happening at the time of the issue.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Good morning Benjamin,

Well…!? Like many times, as soon as one enters the doctor’s room one has no problems whatsoever. Same here I guess…

Sorry to have bothered you all, thanks for your sympathy.
Let’s call this a crooked bit.

Y’all have a beautiful day.

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