Roon Freezing at launch or from backup on Windows 11

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 Pro, Running Roon Core, 32GB DDR4 Dominator, i7 12700K, 2080ti GPU, Gen4 980 pro.

Connected Audio Devices

-I just have DAC’s connected via USB, using ASIO drivers for RME ADI2 DAC FS, SU9, Matrix MQA, and Gustard X16.

Number of Tracks in Library

Only using Tidal and Qobez, no flac files

Description of Issue

Roon Freezes when restoring backup or after closing and trying to reopen it. The only way I can get it to work is if uninstall with removing all settings and database. Then once I reinstall it works for a little bit.


When Roon freezes, does it freeze on any page in particular? Does Windows Event Viewer logs show any additional information regarding the hang?

What causes it to stop working after the resintall? Any action in particular? Does the issue happen on a fresh database without restoring as well?

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