Roon freezing for 15-60 seconds regularly


I am near the end of my trial. I like the features of Roon and my intention was to purchase a lifetime license, but I will not if I cannot solve this freezing issue.

Basically, i go to a page in roon, do any navigation and the screen freezes and I cannot go to the next step until I wait 15-60 seconds. This happens whether I am playing from PC USB or from a wirelessly connected Auralic Aries.

I have tried:

  1. shutting down all programs but Roon
  2. re-booting everything
  3. turning off the Windows Defender firewall
  4. Set up PC for network discovery
  5. clean up library

I am running a Windows 10 PC i5 with 8 gig memory. roon is on the 256GB system SSD with 64GB free.
I searched the forum and tried ideas offered. but the [rob;em persists.

I downloaded the ios app today and can run Roon from there to the Aries (after some setup work) and it does not have these lags. This makes me think that it is not a file access problem. but instead some kind of conflict.

I’m wondering if I should uninstall and re-install Roon on the PC.

Thanks in advance,


What graphics hardware drivers are in play?

Can you try and install the 32bit version if it’s using the intel 4000 series drivers?


I was hoping to use the 64 bit processing for higher resolution in DSP, but I could get by with teh 32-bit version until I replace my 5-year-old PC. Here is what I found for my graphics:

I plan to get a dedicated graphics card and 16gB of memory next time around.

Thanks for responding.

Ok give the 32bit roon a try and let’s see if that helps.

If i re-install, will my settings be saved?

yes they should be as long as you dont remove the installation. just install the 32 bit version with the 64bit still in place.

You should always backup the roon database before you make changes like this anyway.

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Thks, I’ll try it Saturday

The 32 bit version runs smoothly, so it is likely that you were right about the graphics processing limitation.

I am thinking of adding a moderately-priced graphics card to support the 64 bit version. Would the card below be adequate?

Asus GeForce GT 710 2GB


@support so another intel graphics solved by 32bit install.

I can’t say on the other card option but I believe you would have to disable the onboard intel card in bios perhaps to have it out of play.

Yes, the intel graphics would be disabled. it says in the HP specs that intel graphics is unavailable if a video card is added. I have a decent independent computer repair guy who can install the card more safely than I can.

I suppose that if this has been a known intel graphics-specific problem, that just about any other reasonable graphics solution will work.

Thanks again.