Roon freezing when exporting playlists

Hi all

I have a problem with the export functionality of playlists - a function I’ve been using on a regular basis during the last years. I’ve never had any problems with the export function so far.

Since a few weeks I can’t export playlists anymore. All local playlists are affected. I am on Roon version 1.7 (build 528) and MacOS 10.15.4.

I can play all playlists without problem.
I select “Export”, than choose an folder for the download, press the “Export” button. Normally the export should start then, but Roon is freezing immediately - not one single song is downloaded (see screenshot). The only way to get Roon back to work is to force the shutdown of the software via MacOS.

Anyone having similar problems or any suggestions how to fix this?
Many thanks in advance!

Hello @Arne,

I exported one of my playlists to my desktop without any issue just a moment ago. Could you try exporting to a different location and see if Roon still freezes? If you build a new playlist (just a small one to test) do you still have issues exporting it?

Hi Nuwriy

many thanks for your fast reply.
I’ve created a new playlist and could successfully export it.

What I’ve found out is, that I have to start play each song included in a playlist, only then the export will work. Seems like the reference to the files got lost somehow. Although the files start playing immediately. So the player itself has no problem finding the files, but the export function.

Anyway this workaround seems to work for me now.


Hello @Arne, I’d like to investigate this further for you. What I’d like to do next is have you reproduce the issue with exporting and send over some logs.

Use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using this link.

Many thanks for your support!

I’ve just uploaded the zipped Log folder.

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