Roon Generated Playlists - Worlds shortest?

Dear Roon,

We need to talk about your generated playlists.

New Years Party Playlist - 2 HRS?? Really. You guys must have some pretty lame parties…

This is not about creating my own playlists either. Sometimes I like AI to do some work!
Maybe an option to set a duration and let the AI fill it.

Or am I missing something here?

Shall be using a lower rez option streaming service for today it seems (not mentioning any names of course).

Anyway - Happy NY to all Roonies out there.

Play without repeat and AI is there

Screenshot 2022-12-31 at 02.20.47

Happy NY

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Appreciate the tip but Roon Radio is vastly different to a curated playlist. I do use it and is handy in that respect but works on different metrics.

You can save multiple playlists to one playlist to make a much longer one.

100% agree, I think… I have never used Roon Radio or the curated playlists, but I did get the feeling that you wanted at least a AI to fill in. One day I hope I will learn to use them :slight_smile: