Roon generates STATIC on all 192 Khz files

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
MS Surface Pro 7, Windows 10 (current updates), Roon 1.7 build 710

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
MS Surface Dock 1GB Ethernet, Hard Wired CAT5, Netgear Level 3 switches, SYNOLOGY SAN DS918+

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
All Setups use hard wire CAT5 connections to get to the Internet and the audio devices.
Setup 1: MS Surface Pro 7->Roon->Blue Haven USB cable-> Chord Qutest DAC
Setup 2: MS Surface Pro 7->Roon->Pro-Ject S2 Ultra streamer->Blue Haven USB cable->Chord Qutest DAC

Description Of Issue
If I use Roon to play one of my own 192/32 .wav files off of my Synology SAN I get STATIC on both Scenario 1 and 2 above after 1-3 minutes of playing time.

If I use Roon to play Qobuz 192/24 Flac files I get STATIC on both Scenario 1 and 2 above after 1-3 minutes of playing time.

If I close Roon and use the Qobuz application on the MS Surface and play 192/24 Flac files from Qobuz NO STATIC in either setup.

If I close Roon and use the Pro-Ject S2 Ultra application and play 192/32 .wav files off of my Synology SAN NO STATIC in either setup.

If I use JRiver to play 192/32 .wav files from Synology SAN NO STATIC.

If I use Roon to play files that are lower than 192 Khz I get NO STATIC. This includes my own 44.1/32 files. So, 32 bit is not a problem.

It would appear that Roon has issues with 192/24 Flac and 192/32 .wav files; basically any 192 Khz file.

All of these observations are also the exact same using the MS Surface Pro 7 Wireless Connection as well.

A strange observation, when the STATIC STARTS, usually takes about 1-3 minutes, if I start using the mouse on the MS Surface the STATIC STOPS until I stop using the mouse; then it starts again after 1-3 minutes. Both wired and wireless.

Based on other users comments this is an on-going issue that is un-resolved. I am in my trial period and would like to get this resolved before I decide to buy.

I like Roon’s interface and functionality, but this is supposed to be for Audiophiles, and the STATIC is unacceptable.

I have been working in the high tech industry for over 30 years, and have been doing multi track digital recording for 25 years. I am willing to pitch in to help if you are; let me know.

William Tomlinson

If I use the Pro-Ject S2 Ultra streamer to play Qobuz 192/24 Flac files I get NO STATIC in Setup 1 or 2.

Hi @William_Tomlinson and welcome to the Roon forums. I’m not official support but will try to help while you’re waiting.

Given the problem only affects 192 files and occurs over WiFi as well it’s unlikely to be static. It’s more likely an audible artefact from a bandwidth issue. I’ve heard similar sounds when the network is struggling without failing. I suspect it’s micro gaps in the playback you’re hearing.

When this problem occurs, if you, via the scrub bar, advance the music 10 (or so) seconds does the problem go away?

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Hi @William_Tomlinson,

Just as a test, if you remove the Qutest from the equation and just play to System Output do you hear the same static?

Can you share a screenshot of the Signal Path when playing to the Qutest for us?


Hi dylan,

After performing some more differential analysis:
We have determined that the Qutest DAC when plugged directly into the Micorsoft Suface Pro 7 USB-A 3.1 that we get the static problem with 192/24 files; local on the hard-drive or on Qobuz.

When we plug the Qutest DAC into the MS Surface Dock’s hi-speed USB-A 3.1 all the static issues are resolved.

We were also able to get similar results using a Lenovo Think-Pad Ultrabook dock USB-A 3.1

We can only assume that when the larger files sizes such as Qobuz 192 khz 24 bit the USB speed becomes a network-level component that needs to be able to transfer at a high rate, and for some reason(s) the USB-A 3.1 on the Surface and or Laptop itself are in someway handling the connection to the Qutest DAC differently than the way the docking stations are.

Note: the Qutest is plugged into an AC outlet. When we tested using the KORG DS-DAC-100, which uses the power from the USB we were able to plug into the Surface USB-A 3.1 directly and play 192 khz files without any issues.

When I put the Roon Core Computer on my network via ethernet CAT5 and select the Pro-Ject S2 Ultra (Roon Ready) streamer (also connected via ethernet CAT5) -> Qutest DAC, playing larger 192 khz / 24 & 32 bit files also work without the error message about the “file is loading slowly.”

You can resolve this case as a USB related issue. It is unclear why the USB-A 3.1 would be different on the Docking Stations than the Surface Pro or Lenovo Laptop, but this is what we are observing.


William Tomlinson


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