Roon gets stuck and won't play "next" song

I have a problem. Fairly often (every day, and every listening session), Roon just won’t play the “next” song. So, if I click forward, or select a new song, it just gets stuck. It appears that the song is playing (animated graphics moving next to the song - but the timeline doesn’t move. It just doesn’t play. If I reboot Roon - it goes back to the spot where I was - and works fine for a while.

Macmini Late 2014 i5 8 gb ram 500 SSD
Very fast and reliable Comcast broadband (150 mb)
Roon playes through HQPlayer
USB to IFI upconverter
Rega DAC
Rega Elex-R

Hey @Larry_Hoffer,

I’ve merged this into a common thread as it seems to be the same issue. Let me know if you don’t think that is the case.

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