Roon getting slow again?

Roon has been so awesome and glitch free for quite some time but I’m noticing that it’s taking a lot longer to do a search or add to library or even start playback sometimes lately. Is anyone else having problems like this lately?


Hi Ryan,
In my case (Roon Server on Linux) I have noticed far better load times and a snappier user experience since the last version update. In monitoring my Server I do notice, though, what seems to be a memory leak of the server software. The used memory grows continually, and eventually the software turns unresponsive or sluggish. I then simply restart the Roon Server and all is well again. I don’t need to restart the operating system, just the Roon software.

Good advice.

I agree. This last update is problematic. Hopefully they will fix soon. Using a Nucleus+ on an all Cisco network. Roon needs a big fix update.

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It is slower, but I imagine this is more to do with the issues of Googles cloud infrastructure than the Roon software itself. Last time searches were slow it was the backend servers causing it.

I am having the same problem. It’s not a hardware issue since everything worked well until the last update. Everything is loading much slower than before (tracks, images, albums,…). It does not always help to restart the Roon Server (which is annoying anyway)… Hope this problem will be fixed soon

Still running slow for me and getting slower. It’s doing weird stuff. My desktop remote control app will close all on it’s own often, today I opened my iPhone and went to open a zone and it scrolled through every single thing that had played in the last few hours before it got to the currently playing song. Taking a long time to search and start playback even with local files.

Like I mentioned in a support topic I experience the same over here. Since the last update Roon feels like it is running on outdated hardware. This is the same on three devices I have that can be used as Core, including one with ROCK. It seems like things are getting snappier once in use but after being asleep for a while everything is slow. I managed to fix some of the slowness by changing the DNS server from Google to Open DNS but still everything is about at halfspeed as it used to be. On my Macbook Roon also closes itself quite often. It doesn’t crash, it just closes itself. All since the last update, before that everything was smoothly and responsive.