Roon Gift Subscription

Can I purchase a lifetime gift subscription for myself?

…naaaah, don’t think so. It states that this is only when you are already a roonie to give away. Would also a bit unfair to all roonies that have paid a different price.

In case the question is towards a second or third license, I would think yes.

Maybe you know a roonie who is willing to give you the gift of roon…

Yes you can. I just asked thru email.

They said I can apply partial refund from annual membership and then also use 30% off lifetime. Think that’s an amazing deal.


That was because you were upgrading. This is not a normal situation for users that have already bought.

Gifts are really meant for giving to others, and as @allineedis said, for 2nd and 3rd memberships. If you want to game the system, we’ll let you, within situation where you could normally cancel and/or get upgrades. But this is not a free-for-all everyone asking for refunds from past purchases. Please don’t make us lock down the policy further.

Sorry Danny. I wasn’t trying to imply anything. And that’s why I initially asked in an email instead of the forums.

I figured the initial post was the same as me, where he had just an annual membership and was looking to upgrade to lifetime. I’m not encouraging anyone to pull any funny business.

Think I must have missed something. Where was the gift sub info announced?

@mike, how long is the gift membership going to be available - the email makes reference to this weekend, does that imply it ends midnight Sunday?

@audiomuze: That’s the plan.

@pedalhead: Emails were sent out. Check your spam folder?

ah yes thanks. Excellent discounts!

I’d like a clarification about multiple memberships: the terms and conditions say one license per server. I interpret that to mean that if one has multiple servers in different premises, then one needs multiple licenses even if the music library has the same content in each location. But can one have more than one license per account or do I need a separate account for each license? Right now, I want to upgrade myself from annual to lifetime and buy additional licenses for two other locations, but all under my account. Is that doable?

Well, I’ve just gifted 3x lifetime licenses to people previously introduced to Roon by me. Glad I could bring you more customers :smile:


You can have multiple concurrent memberships with one account.

Wow @audiomuze, thanks a ton!!! We really appreciate the support :smile:

Hi Danny

A friend of mine bought an annual membership some weeks ago, can I donate him a conversion to lifetime?
Thanks in advance for your answer.

@Christoph – yup just gift it to him and have him redeem it and email for the conversion

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Well, that makes 5 in total :smiley:

Hi danny

Thank you very much.
We will do that.

Btw.: I have asked two more guys and they both would have been in, if the Squeezebox was already implemented.
One of them said that he doesn’t want to invest in a NUC and a new iPad (he has an old, not supported one) before Squeebox support is really out. I told him it would come definitely this year, but he wanted to wait. I his case it’s no problem, he IS hooked and will definitely become a lifer when SB support is out,

Hi Danny

Had three friends hooked but 2 only wanted yearly and 1 wanted lifetime. So they all settled for yearly to get the extra 10%!!! When do the yearly ones commence, when bought or when activated?

@NickB : When activated.