Roon Grouping playback delay

In native Sonos, when I add another speaker it is added in with no break in music.

With Roon, when I add in new speakers there is a 4-10 second break in the music, it stops. If Sonos can do it without breaking, why not Roon? Since all grouped end points are Sonos, maybe there is something Roon could do to add in a speaker without a break in music.

EDIT: as I watched this more, with 4 or 5 speakers the delay is consistently 30 or sometimes 45 seconds. Maybe @support can look at this.


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I appreciate you moving it, but I also am hoping for some explanation from the Devs if such a long delay is expected and necessary with Sonos end points or any end points.

I edited the post and moved it back to Sonos. It’s not working properly.


This is one of those problems that is weirdly hard for us to fix because of how the internals of our system are designed.

The basic reason Roon takes longer to re-group speakers than the Sonos app is that Roon always effectively creates a completely new “zone” entity every time the grouping is changed. This means stopping and restarting the music stream and some other stuff, and the Sonos code shares this basic thing with every other Roon playback mechanism that supports grouping. The Sonos app, on the other hand, can just send a “join group” command to the new speaker and be done.

We can work to make stream startup faster for Roon playing to Sonos hardware, but changing the grouping thing may not even be possible for some playback types. I understand that this is a frustrating problem to have, and I wish I had better news for you, but I wouldn’t expect a fix any time soon.

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Seeing the acknowledgement and the explanation make the problem much easier to get along with, thanks for taking the time.

I often start one speaker and incrementally add others in – now I know to make the final grouping first!