Roon hang up after starting


I do have problems starting Roon since yesterday.
The systems crashes (hangs up) after 4-5 minutes.
I am running Roon on a MAC, 1,4 i5 8 GB.
The Musik files are on a WD NAS in 4 different folders (and the same 4 different folders are activated in Roon).
When I start Roon now, the scanning process begins.
But after 4-5 Minutes it does not continue.
My Mac “told me” that Roon is not reacting anymore.
So I terminate Roon.
But then I am unable to restart Roon on the Mac again.
I do have to completely restart my Mac.
After that roon can be started again (good news) bur crashes after the bespoke 4-5 minutes (bad news).
So any ideas?


Hi @Stefan_Janssen,

I have enabled diagnostics on your account so our technical staff can get some more insight into what’s going on here. The next time your Core is active a diagnostics report will automatically be generated and uploaded directly to our servers

Once that’s been received, I’ll be sure to update this thread and pass the diagnostics over to the team for further analysis.

Update — The diagnostics report has been received. I’ll be sure to update you here once I’ve received an update from the team.

Thanks Dylan,

I was online for 4 Minutes again.
And now again crash.
I hope you received the data.

OK could you please look again.
Yesterday I thought that I had solved the problem.
I did, in case of a playlist issue. That I solved by using a backup.

But I still do have Problems with roon while starting it (as Described).

I just don‘t know what the crash causes?
Is it that roon runs on 2 Computers while starting new (besides the core)?
Or is it a new Folder in which the DSD Files are located?

Could you check on your report?



Hi @Stefan_Janssen,

I’m sorry to hear you are still experiencing difficulties here. I can confirm that the diagnostics report did come through and I have passed it along to our technical team for analysis. I have requested an update from them and will be sure to update you ASAP when I receive their feedback.

OK & thanks.
And please ask them if the problem could be, that I have all my music in one NAS but in four different folders which are separated (each for his own) linked into the roon core.

The files of three folders are always complete integrated.

Within one folder all 4435 tracks have been read but the process always stoped after 1597 tracks were identified and integrated. But as always: I don‘t know why.
So please Check.

Hi @Stefan_Janssen,

I received feedback from the team’s analysis of your report and wanted to follow up with you.

The team’s analysis has shows that there is likely something on your network that is causing this behavior. Our next step here is to try to isolate the specific element causing this. Starting out, may I ask that you please start Roon and, in the minutes before the crash, disable all of your watched folders in Settings > Storage. Does this behavior still occur with all of the watched folders disabled?

Hi Dylan, thanks for you help.

It worked. First, I had to unplug the network cable.
Then I could disable all connected folders.
Roon then started accurate.
I connected the folders again and it worked.

But I still do have huge problems with my playlists.

My Music folders are scanned automatically every 24 hours.
But then roon first deletes all links to tracks in one folder (my HD Musik). I can see the amount of tracks and albums counting down.
After deleting all tracks/links from one folder (the files are not touched) Roon starts to reconnect all the links to the files. After that all files/links are back.

But my playlists now show “not available” to almost any of this tracks.
That’s VERY uncomfortable for me, because I have a lot of playlist with a lot of included tracks.
Only a backup helps (which is uncomfortable and took a lot of time).

What can I do?

The System crashed again.
Roon did not react anymore so I tried to close Roon.
But this did not work so I had to restart my MAC (on which Roon is running).

Update II.
Please check on my playlist problem.
It happened again today.
Out of nothing Roon starts (around 10 a.m.) to re-scan one folder (my HD Music).
First you can see that all tracks are counted down und then all are counted up again.
So at the end I still do have all my albums and track numbers.
But a random amount of links in my several playlist are marked “not available”.
What can I do? Please help

Hi @Stefan_Janssen,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

It sounds like there may be some issue in the connection between your NAS and Core machine. If you temporarily only use media local to the Core machine and not the NAS does everything work fine?

May I also ask that you please describe your current networking setup? What networking hardware is in use and how are all of your devices connected?

Hi Dylan, thanks for your help. I am desperate.

First a picture of the Settings / Storage.

My NAS is directly connected via one Netgearswitch (GS 108, 8 Ports) with the roon core and a Lumin Player (for the digital files).
This switch is connected to a managed switch from D-Link (DGS-1210-48).
The managed switch is connected to all my other devices (I have to use 4 other unmanaged switches around the house as well) and the router (German Fritz Box).
At the end we are talking about more than 100 devices connected to my network (Cameras, Sonos, Tv’s, Linux Sat Receivers, MAC’s,…)

I did not change the settings regarding my music files connection.
When I would connect the NAS directly to the core (via USB I think) I would loose all my playlist. Am I right?
I Tunes is also using the Musik folder. But I don’t change a lot on iTunes anymore.
Hope the informations will help you.

Hi Dylan,

did you find something I can try?
It happens every day now.
In the morning hours roon is deleting like 50’ tracks from the database
Due to that I loose them in my playlists (track unavailable)
Then Roon reestablishes the links.
On roons first page you can see the number of tracks counting down and then up again.
At the end I still have all my tracks but a randomly number of tracks in my several playlists are not available. So I have to put the backup in every morning!!

What can I do?


Hi @Stefan_Janssen,

Please accept our apology for the delay here. I had a chat with the team about this, and it appears that something networking related is occurring that is causing the behavior you’re seeing.

Did you give this a try yet? If you temporarily disable all of the NAS watched folders in Roon do you still experience this behavior?

Di Dylan, thanks.

I will try this and copy all my files (10TB) to a new USB HDD and connect this directly to the core.
QUESTION: Will I loose my playlists (tracks unavailable) then?


Dear Dylan,

I tried to make a backup from all my music files.
One HDD from my NAS (WD) which stored the music crashed.
I think that was the overall problem (the HDD did not function proper before I guess).

So here comes my question for today:
As I told you before I am in love with my playlists and don’t want to lose them.
I do have a backup from the room system.
Now I will restore my music collection from several external HDD’s.
At the end I will create a new NAS with all the music files on.
But I can not create the same folder structure.

Will my playlists from the old Roon backup work if the files are within the roon system but in different folders locations?

Thanks for your help

Hi @Stefan_Janssen,

Yes, the playlists will still work even when the files are in a new location. We have a KB article about how to properly move your collection so that your edits (and playlists) are not lost.

Thanks Dylan, I knew this article.

I was wondering if this still works (with my playlists) when it comes to a different folder structure. The files are all restored but will be in different folders. So you say the roon System is so „intelligent“ to find the tracks. Thanks that’s very god news (if it works that way).


Dear Dylan,

sorry another question:

My files (“known” to the Roon system) can not be restored (HDD crash).
So I have to bring back the files from several old backups (before Roon was installed).
In case the playlist will not work is there a chance to extract the playlist content (tracknames, Artists, Album title etc.) as a textile from my roon backup?
In this case I could manuell recreate my playlists.

.Hi @Stefan_Janssen,

It’s not possible to extract playlist content directly from backups. The best way to extract playlist content is to use the Export feature, but this requires the playlist to be accessible in Roon.