Roon hang when audio zone is taken over by iPhone

Playing on my iPad using Airpod Max as audio output.
Getting aphone call on my iPhone, answering on my Airpod Max and closing the call.
When switching back to Roon on my iPad the software is hanging.
Restart of app only way to get it working again.

Any thoughts on how to avoid?

I have a similar experience when using Airpods and my iPhone or iPad with Roon. Any interruption in the audio stream (pausing, end of playlist, iMessage or calendar notification, etc.) seems to irreparably corrupt the Bluetooth connection. The only way to restore it is to close Roon, disconnect the Airpods and then restart them both. I love Roon for its Roon Radio prowess when I’m mobile and in the gym but this makes it effectively unusable on an iPhone with the many interruptions that we typically expect from such a device. I use Roon almost without fault in many other use cases and on a variety of hardware and these issues are unique to my iOS devices.

iPhone 7 Plus
iPad Air 2
Solid 5Ghz wifi