Roon "Hangs" After Latest Update / Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro with Latest Updates
Running Roon Server and Roon on same machine
Roon Version 1.7 (build 528)

It seems that after the latest update, Roon will no longer start on my Windows 10 Pro machine. Roon is co-located on the machine with the Roon Server. The Roon Server starts fine (and I can connect to it with remote devices such as my iPad), and the Roon process itself will start (I can see the UI), but I cannot click on anything in the UI after it launches (Windows reports the process as “Unresponsive”). This used to work, but now the process just seems to “hang”. Nothing has changed from a hardware perspective. Not sure if this is due to the latest update of Roon, or to the latest update of Windows. I have restarted the machine with no success. Suggestions?

Try the Roon 32bit install and see if that helps. You haven’t listed your system hardware but Intel HD graphics chipsets and drivers have been an issue before. no need to change the roon server setup just the client/remote on that PC

Hi @Nelson_P,

Can you provide some details on the Core machine? What GPU does it use?

Can you try to update your graphics drivers and let us know if that helps?

Sorry…should have done that. The core machine is using Intel HD Graphics chipset…with the latest driver from what I can tell (no updates available). The machine itself is running Windows 10 Pro, with SSD, 8 GB memory, and an Intel Core i5-3330 / 3 GHz processor.

I could try the 32 bit install if that would help? If so…any steps that should be performed prior to the install? (backups of some sort, etc.)

You just install the 32bit client and select run as client on install.
Check here for drivers

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Hi @Nelson_P,

Often times the built-in driver updates in Windows isn’t the most reliable — I’d recommend downloading the latest driver from the site that Ged shared above and let us know if that helps.

Ah…yes…that did the trick. Installed one driver update, and one other Windows update. It now works! Much appreciated. I now know that the Roon client is somewhat sensitive to graphics drivers.


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