ROON hangs and skips through all tracks after ROCK install

This started happening after I installed ROCK on my NUC. I will skip to the next track on either the playlist or the play-all functionality, and ROON will hang for about 10-20 seconds, then it will try to play the next tract and hang on it for 10-20 seconds, and then it will try the next track. on and on. The only way to get it to play again is to reboot ROCK. All tracks are FLAC, and will play after the ROCK reboot (it’s not the music files that cause the problem). Never had this problem when the same NUC ran ROON Server on Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated. NUC5i3RYK.

Hi @Antonio_Bendezu ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated.

To help in my evaluation of this behavior you are reporting could you please verify the size of your collection based on number of tracks and also confirm how your musical collection is being stored/accessed.


Thanks for the quick follow-up! 54,000 tracks, stored on a Synology DS211j NAS. Everything attached via Cat6 ethernet. NUC attached directly to DAC via USB. Serving music to ROON is the Synology’s sole task. Never have more than one zone playing. Thanks again!

Hi @Antonio_Bendezu ---- Thank you for the follow up and confirming that information for me, both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, can you please reproduce the skipping behavior and note the time when the observation is made. Once the issue has been replicated, please follow the instructions found here and dump us a set of logs.


I am having this problem now, started after the most recent update.

My problem ended a few days after my last post here. I don’t remember if there was an update or not. It so much sounds like a network problem, but I didn’t change anything on my network when it fixed itself. Good luck.