Roon Hangs On Composers Section

Windows 10 Pro Core, 20H2 OS build 19042.870, Roon 1.8 Build 783

Just want to bring to your attention that the current Roon build hangs at the Composers screen. To me it’s a big issue because when closing the program or on reboots Roon will continue to try to launch the last screen used. Roon is not useable if you were to click Composers. The only way I could see to fix is to reinstall Roon from a backup. Thank you.

Ethernet 10Gbps

USB connected speakers

Hey @pbisles77,

Thanks so much for flagging this! We’d love to help if you’re still experiencing this issue. Could you please tell us more about your setup, network connections and issue?

And a great apology for the delay in getting back to you :pleading_face: