Roon Hangs "Roon has stopped working" on Start Up

PC is a Lenovo T530 Laptop with 8 GB memory, I7 processor, 1TB hard disk, 16GB SSD running Sandisk Cache.
System is Windows 10 Pro Ver 1511 with latest updates.
Roon trial downloaded today - can’t get to Roon help screen to find out version.

When I start up Roon I receive a popup message saying that " Roon has stopped working " and windows will close
the program.

System is otherwise fully functional and runs JR Media Ctr ver 21 fine.

Hello @George_Walsh,

Sorry for troubles, it sounds like your laptop is using Intel HD 4000 and NVIDIA ® NVS 5400m. We’ve already seen similar reports, the reason of the crashes was a video driver.
Would you mind trying to install this driver and let us know how it goes?


Vova - Thanks for the quick response !

I updated my Intel Display driver & it did not fix the problem.
I did get Roon to work by changing the Program launch Compatibility settings to Vista SP2 & administer mode.
I tried all the other modes & administer alone and they didn’t work.

I’m not sure what the ramifications of running in this mode are or why this should be required.

In addition when Roon starts up I receive a message " Screen resolution is too small - Maximize or run Full Screen "
It continues when I use Full Screen and it seems to work fine .
The display is set to 1600 X 900 and the requirement is listed as 1440 X 900 - why am I receiving this msg ?
Thanks !

Hey @George_Walsh – sorry for the slow response here. Did you figure this out, or still having compatibility issues?

Let me know and we can take another look, ok? Thanks!

I checked the scaling and it was set for 150%.
I reduced it to 100% and it has fixed the message problem. - Thank You !
The change also allowed me to change my compatability settings from Vista SP2 to Windows 8 and remove the
administrator requirement - A very definate improvement !!
I installed a control copy on another Windows 10 Ver 1511 PC and it doesn’t require any compatability settings to start up. Do you have any suggestions for removing the Win 8 compatability requirement on the music library ?
Thank You !