Roon hangs then ends, going to a Report window

Using an M1, 24 inch Mac and software all the latest for OS and Roon. Have a homebuilt Roon Nucleus Core on the network.
Last week or so the mac Roon app will freeze on startup and then, after some time, go to the Apple report window. This is a new behaviour as Roon “remote?” has always worked on the Mac as it always does on my iPad. The program just hangs and then bails. Tried to delete and reload the app from the app store but cannot see this particular app available anymore. Has support for the Mac been with drawn or is this latest version buggy, or ?
Thoughts and suggestions welcome,

might be a conflict with my VPN but not certain (ExpressVPN) but this was never an issue in the past.

The app is avsilable from
Vpns can conflict with roon.

It sounds like you might be having the same problem as disussed in this thread.

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Thanks for your redirect…my problem is as described in that thread. All the best.