Roon hardware makes the Sonic Transporter seem like a bargain

Roon’s hardware announcements today makes me think the Sonic Transporters are an even
bigger bargain.
Still can’t believe how good all of this sounds for so little cash outlay. And mine works everyday without
any hiccups.

Thank You Andrew

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The Small Green Computer products are not only awesome, but done at prices that are unbeatable, especially with the support and care @agillis and his partners provide.

The entire Roon Labs team is a huge fan of SGC and the product/services they provide.


Not meant as a slight to you guys. Believe me, I preach the gospel of Roon to anyone who will
listen. It has really changed the way I listen to music and it sounds better than any other digital
I’ve ever had at home.
I’m a happy camper.

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Can we run ROCK on Sonic Transporter?

I’m not sure why you would want to. Half the reason from buying a box from SGC is the support + non-Roon features. Both would disappear with ROCK.

Anyway, you are free to try (although it might void your warranty) – but Roon can’t support it either – even if it does work.

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What does ROCK do that Sonic Transporter’s own software doesn’t do and vice versa? Both are designed to run Roon server exclusively and nothing else. Or am I missing something?

The sonictransporter does a lot more just look at the apps available on it. However if you are using Roon you probably don’t use any of the other things as these are largely alternative servers. Rock will be only for Roon and won’t support these other servers.

here are some of the apps avail…they are found on the updater page of your ST