Roon hardware strategy going forward...advice please?

Happy Roon user here for 'bout 6 months, came from LMS and its the first server software to surpass it.
Endpoint is a Logitech Transporter hooked up to dac via XLR.

My setup as it is now works great but looking to change it and seeking some advice thanks. :slight_smile:


Windows Server 2012R2 based PC running Roonserver > Ethernet > Transporter endpoint > Dac.

Roonserver PC serves as my work computer too (3D/Cad) and is massivley overspecced for Roon use.
Also, now wish to keep work PC and Roonserver as seperate boxes (too expensive to run the “big rig” 24/7!) so I want to build a seperate Box just for Roonserver.

It’ll be Intel i5 based, headless, onboard Intel gfx, 8GB ram, with Windows/Roonserver installed on SSD. 4TB SATA2 music hard drive installed on board.
All connected to endpoint via ethernet,

Any issues with this build?
Assuming as Roonserver needs less hardware overhead it’ll be sufficient?
I think Intel NUC builds work and mines should be significantly faster.

A question?
Onboard music hard drive…any advantage to going to USB3 rather than SATA internal connection?
I know PC build wise SATA2 is faster, just wonder if theres anything Roon specific where USB would be a better choice.

Anything else to look out for when building a box for Roonserver, given my planned specification?

Thanks guys.


It all depends on personal preferences I guess.
I have built my own NAS based on a Intel celeron of two generations ago. Raid 5 disk setup and a ssd for booting and os.

Runs as mail and file server as well as media server. I can simultaneously stream 24/192 to two raat endpoints alongside watching a HD movie all over a single 1gb ethernet connection.

Setup would cost you about €400-500 and keeps you flexible towards the future.

Hey Gaz

I guess that it would really boil down to personal preference. Having it all in one box would be really neat.

I am also looking at my next build to be an Intel i5 NUC, headless with an Internal M.2 SSD with the Roon Server installed and another internal 2.5" SATA 7200 rpm hard drive for my library. I know that I wouldn’t need to but I am going to go with 16GB Memory just to future proof it.

I currently have a Dell Latitude i5 laptop with an internal SSD and a external 2.5" USB 2.0 7200 rpm hard drive and it works very well. No hesitation or delays at all unlike I had at times when I was pulling from my Qnap NAS.

If for example, I were to come across a large music library which is not on my network, then I would use the external USB to transfer these files over and I believe that I will also use it for my NUC backup.

I ended up with a sonic transporter instead of buying a mac mini for Roon Core for a few reasons. The ST
is silent, its tiny, it is tweeked (software mostly I think) to sound better. And honestly, it was pretty cheap.
Its almost plug and play ( I realize that won’t appeal to a lot of people.) I’m a happy camper.

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