Roon has become frustrating-i can't figure out why

The following could be me, could be Roon. I don 't know.

First of all, you may recall it would not play my MQA files. They only appeared as OSF which I was told was gthe same thing.

Well…now it is playing MQA as MQA.

It still shows multiple covers even tho I have just one copy in my Music folder.

It then refused to play certain tracks on. two albums, possib ly m ore, but as I have hundreds, as I am sure you all do, I have not searched to see how many more are like this.

Interestingly I used dbConverter to change an AIFF album into a 32bit 384khz WAV album and it read the whole album properly. I took that file and converted back to AIFF 24/192 and to FLAC 24/192 and the problem returned. The first 2 tracks will not be played. It will in HQP Desktop 4, iTunes, Audirvana and MC26 so why Roon doesn’t want to I do not know.

Oh the reason I got of roon the way I did was to hopefully get rid of everything Roon may have done. I thought doing a fresh install would solve the problem.

It did not solve the track refusal to play but it did decide it would play MQA as MQA and not OSF as before.

In the end what I did was delete Roon entirely, I hope, from my MacBookPro. I didn’t just put Roon in the bin. I went in to Library and got of everything that came up as Roon in a search.

I hope I have been clear enough in this message and hope someone has answers. I do not want to convert albums to 32/384 because the file size is huge.

Oh, I forgot. I tried to alter where Roon should ‘see’ my library, to an external disc. It would not do it. It kept coming up with error message.

I’ll be grateful if any of you have answers.

Thank you kindly

I have already done it. A few days ago when Dylan asked for same. The screen shot contains just the words I gave. Nothing else.

However, Wizardofoz cured the problem for me

Thank you kindly for taking the time to respond.

kind regards

Hi @Knitman,

Can you share a screenshot of this?

Is it always specific tracks that won’t play? It sounds like converting from AIFF to WAV helped — It’s possible that there were corrupted AIFF headers that were causing an issue, or there was something else wrong with the AIFF version. Do you still have an AIFF version that we could take a closer look at?

Can you share a screenshot here as well of what you’re seeing? What is the error? What does Settings > Storage look like currently?

Wizardofoz already fixed the last problem and his post marked SOLUTION.

No there is nothing wrong with the AIFF file. It did play in ROON now it doesn’t. It is the same two tracks, 1+2 on one album and 7+8 on another. I dare say there are more albums with the same issue. I don’t why I need to keep writing the same thing over and over.

The files play perfectly in iTunes Music, HQP, Audirvana, and JRiver MC26. The file is not corrupt. The problem only just appeared after the latest update.

I wrote above quite a while ago. I found out myself why I have multiple ‘copies’ of the same album. It seems Roon does not stick to searching just the folder it is directed to. In my case it’s Samsung X5/music. But Roon searches the whole 2tb disc and anything it finds that is by any given artists, it plonks down in the library.

I found out this by look at ‘file info’ in Roon and it showed me where the file was.

This is something that could be fixed as it isn’t convenient to have it not just stick to looking where it is directed.

It also takes no notice of the direction to hide album. I got rid of some copies by going and deleting stray files that were not in the specified folder. That worked with some albums.

It is a lot of work to do this so it will take weeks to do.

However, having it play from the external thunderbolt 3 ssd drive is not a problem at all.

Thank you kindly for getting back to me.

This is most definitely not what Roon does.

It will only look in the locations you have specified in Settings==>Storage.

At first I was annoyed by your response thinking well I am not an idiot. And I am not but to be fair by brain in jory doens’t make things easy.

I had not realised that there is a folder in my Music folder called ‘untitled folder’, which is what Roon directed me to. I just found it and it is full of various files. Have no idea why.

However, still don’t get why it would get tracks from it, instead of just the folders with the artots name on it.

I shall mov e that folder out of the Music folder and see what happens.

Thanks for making me thin k,.

Roon does not care a whit what the names of your files are, nor the names of the folders containing them. It indexes all of the sound files in the director(ies) you point it at. Period.

You happen to “know” that Untitled is not the name of an artist. Roon doesn’t, nor should it.

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