Roon has been slow every weekend since 1.6

Every weekend since 1.6 there has been some issues with slow performance on Roon. Today I continued playing an album I started on last night, no problem. Then I cliched on the artist name to find another album and then it just shows the loading artist logo. Restarted Roon (ROCK) but it did not help and it been loading for over 15 minutes now. Checked my internet connecting, full speed, and the ROCK is connect with Ethernet to my Asus AC2900 router.


Edit: I’m using both Tidal and Qobuz.

I have the same problem. And without Tidal and Qobuz. Most of the time when I’m going from the now playing screen to album view.

Hi @ToreB,

Are things still performing slowly for you? Have you tried rebooting your Core machine? Is there any change when doing so?

Thougt that was quite clear? :slight_smile:

But it seems to work OK now. My point was that there seem to bee issues with performance every weekend?

Hi @ToreB,

Thanks for confirming — It had been a couple hours since your original post so I wanted to confirm that things were still in this state.

Glad to hear that things are working better at the moment, at least. We appreciate the feedback here and I’ll be sure to pass things along to the team regarding the weekend slowness.

Does your usage of Roon differ on the weekends? Are you using Roon more frequently or in different ways?

I’m at work normally so at the weekends I use Roon earlier and not only at the evenings. I guess that’s normal and more people are using Roon at the weekends with larger loads on the Roon servers?

Has this issue been resolved? I’m noticing frequent and significant hangups today whenever I attempt to open an Artist view via internal link. I updated my synology earlier today, but noticed this issue prior to doing so.

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