Roon has been stuck in "applying library settings" for > 12 hours

Been sitting here, at about the same state. Any advice on what to do?

Is the activity circle graphic still spinning? If you’ve just added several thousand new tracks, it can indeed take a little while to analyze the changes.

Changes to library settings are Roon’s slowest update. Takes foerver if your lib is big.

I was just going through, cleaning up “unknown” albums by helping Roon identify them. Lots of effort and annoying. But at some point it got stuck in this mode with the circle still spinning.
Yes, a big library @ 180,000 tracks.
I search and had this problem before and Roon staff suggested restarting Roon. Which I did and that cleared it. Hopefully that doesn’t cause any problems…

If it persists it does seem restarting breaks the deadlock.

Hi @Peter_Galvin1,

I’m glad that a reboot seems to have helped here. If you get back in this state again please do let us know!

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