Roon has confused artists

Attached is a screen capture of the band Moss which I have 3 CDs of and they all get confused with another band, and it’s funny that in the bio of the band it even mentions the correct band of my albums.

Also, is there a better place to let you know of incorrect handling of metadata, as I’ve found several others in my library which I could let you know?

That is pretty funny… I’ve put in a ticket, so we’ll probably do something manual here to make sure these don’t get confused.

For now, this is the right place to report issues. In the future, we will allow users to submit corrections in a more graceful way, but setting up the system is a pretty big piece of work, so for now, this is it.

Thanks @anon94274355 – good catch.

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This sounds very interesting…

I’ve noticed in Roon and also with TIDAL multiple bands with the same name have their albums grouped together and only one bio between them (like above posted). I see how this can be difficult to over come, but I think the way Discogs handles it does it best. For example an artist like Nirvana. The most popular would be “Nirvana” - (Kurt Cobain’s version) then “Nirvana (2)” then “Nirvana (3)” and so on… it may be worth looking at something like that. I also have 2 different bands under the artists “Witch” and “The Want” and “Iron Maiden” plus some more that I can’t recall, but I’ve noticed this much more on TIDAL.

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I have seen this too with another artist, Chris Young.
In the album section adds some other albums by another Chris Young.