Roon has lost connection to Cambridge Audio CXN v2

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC w Rock, 2TB ssd attached. Ethernet wired to switch then router. Have had this same setup without incident for 2 years.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Arris Surfboard. NOT ISP owned. Hardwired to same switch as the NUC. Google mesh for wifi.

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge Audio CXA61, PS Audio S300 power amp, Cambridge Audio CXN v2 streamer. A bunch of other Sonos stuff that’s not now nor has ever been an issue.

Number of Tracks in Library

24308 tracks

Description of Issue

CXN v2 just disappeared from endpoints this morning. Had the CXN about a month with no problems. Have rebooted router and NUC a few times. For about an hour Roon couldn’t find the Core at all. Then it came back after last reboot. I access Roon on iPhone, iMac and iPad. CXN is not visible on any of them. All devices are on same wifi network.

Okay. So I stumbled on a fix. Though not sure it holds any help for others with a similar challenge.

The CXN had somehow gotten bumped off the wifi network. Could not reconnect with the CA software, and it gut hung up trying to reconnect on its own. So I did a factory reset. Somehow, it restored the wifi connection, but did not do a full factory reset. So I have zero clue what that was all about.

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