ROON has lost control of your device

ROON was working fine yesterday. Today it’s “ROON has lost control of the audio device” I have rebooted every device network and audio device in the chain and it refuses to play for more than 30 seconds. This is getting old.

When you’re in settings/audio you can see the device, my DAC literally disappear from available devices. The DAC is connected to the ROON ROCK server in this chain ROCK>USB>Matrix>I2S>PSAudio DirectStreamDac. This has worked for years until today, no changes to the system. @noris

I use a Linear Power Supply with the Matrix. It’s supposed to be auto-sensing for the non USB power source. However the power may have been flakey. I’ve made some adjustments and it seems to be back to working correctly.

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I would also reconnect your cables on the devices in question too, common for connections left alone for long periods to have some oxidation and have a flakey connection, so plug out and in a few times while power is off of course. This allows the physical contacts to wipe over one another and remove any minor oxidation.

Hi @Watchdog507 ,

Thanks for letting us know that the system is working properly now, if you have further difficulties, please just let us know and we can take another look!

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