Roon has "lost" my history during move from HD to NAS

I’ve been running Roon for quite some time on a Mac mini connected to an external USB hard drive containing my media library. For a variety of reasons, I decided to “migrate” my media library off the hard drive and over to a new NAS. Unfortunately, after the migration Roon seems to have lost my play history, metadata edits and can’t resolve my playlists. The Mac mini is running Roon 1.7 (build 710) on macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

Here is the process that I used to move my library to the NAS: First things first, I backed up the Roon database! I then copied the media library from the USB hard drive to the NAS. After the copy finished, I went to Settings --> Storage --> Add Folder --> Add Network Share to connect to the NAS using SMB. Roon then spent about a day scanning the media library on the NAS. When it was done, I “disabled” my old Library on the USB drive from the Storage menu.

I was hoping that Roon would automatically update its database with the new file paths to the media and preserve my play history, metadata edits and playlists. But it seems to not realize that the same files exist on the NAS just with a new file path. Are there any tricks to get Roon to automatically resolve the new file paths pointing to the library on the NAS?


If the same files on your HD exist on your NAS, try restoring to the latest database backup you created:

Settings > Backups > Find Backups [Browse to roonbackup folder] > Select This Folder > Restore in Backup Manager window from the most recent backup date you created

Good luck!

Essentially you added a new storage location and then removed the old one. So Roon doesn’t associate your existing database with the new storage location. Restoring your backup might work…

I moved my Roon core and media library from HDDs on a NAS to the SSDs on the NAS expansion module. I also moved my Roon database from an external USB SSD to the SSDs on the same expansion module. Firstly, I stopped the core and uninstalled it. I then copied the media library from one place to the other and deleted the original media library. I then moved the Roon database to the new location.

Next step was to reinstall and start the core - it finds the database automatically. I then pointed the storage settings to the new media library location. After a brief scan, everything was back to normal.

I followed the suggestions in this thread combined with the steps from here:

And my Roon database seems to have acclimated to the new location for my media library.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @The_Leisurely_Loris,

Thanks for letting us know you were able to sort this issue out!

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