Roon has moved all my music into different folders

I have Roon setup to Watched Folders on my NAS where all my music is. Roon has moved all my music around into different folders!!! Why? and how do I return it to the original structure?

“The Watch Folders specifically says the files will be left in Watched Folder and wont be copied or modified in any way”

For example I have a set of Diana Krall albums with specific folder names detailing the bit-rates etc. Roon has created a new folder called Diana Krall and put all the albums under their with new folder names.

Very pissed off.

And when it moved the files it left all my custom album art and other misc files in their original folders, I now have no way to re-track and correct them all.


Roon watched folders will not change your files at all.

It sounds like you have setup Roon to use an organised folder rather than a watched folder.

Can you go to the settings --> Storage tab and double check.

Organized Folders says its disabled.

My NAS location appears under the Watched Folders section.

How do I restore all the original locations/names etc?

And I just found it has moved like 30 albums under a Various Artists folder and just put them all into 1 directory, how am I suppose to figure out which file is from which album…

Can you post a screen shot of the Roon storage setting page.

Are you 100% sure your did not setup Roon to use an orgainise folders initially? That’s the only way I know of that enables Roon to change library files.

I’ll leave a flag for @Mike to pick this up for you. He’ll most likely request a support bundle from your Roon install.

Going back to restoring your files, Roon can not do this … you would have to restore your backup or unpick it manually.

As requested:

So Roon does not keep track of all the changes it has made? This is extremely disappointing, having a very large digital collection that was extremely well named/sorted/organised. This will take a month if not more to restore, I doubt it will ever be 100% again. Time to switch out Roon to something less destructive.

Hi @Nicholas_Harris – sorry for the trouble here but @Carl is correct that watched folders do not move or modify files in any way. Are you sure this happened when you configured your storage in Roon?

We can absolutely grab some logs that may help us confirm what happened here, but know that across thousands and thousands of installs and millions of files imported, we’ve never seen a Roon watched folder modify a single file.

If you’re confident something has gone wrong with Roon here, shut down Roon and let me know, and we’ll gather some more information. Thanks!

As others have pointed out, Roon doesn’t move files unless you tell it to.

Have you used any other player recently? e.g., iTunes or JRiver? iTunes (by default) will “reorganize” your files in just the way you describe, and JRiver has this as an option, as well.

I understand the intended functions of each option, and the Organised Folders has always been disabled. I have been using Roon successfully since Oct’15, I cannot pin point the exact moment this occurred but its has been post a recent update.

Either way, I am currently rebuilding the folders and files manually. Very disappointing.

@jhwalker no other audio software is active such as jRiver or iTunes.

@Nicholas_Harris any chance the files/ folders that have been moved are now located inside /Users/nicholas/Roon ?

Let me make simple suggestion…:

  • Load all your music into mp3tag or puddletag and rename all files “album - artist - track - title”

  • Then load all the files into a file manager like Total Commander or Double Commander and select all music files via a wildcard search e.g. *.flac

  • Then move all the files into the parent folder, sort by filename

  • Now select each album sequentially and move it into the appropriate folder. You can perform the move automagically with puddletag by using “./%artist% - %album%/”

  • Reload the lot into mp3tag or puddletag and rename the files the way you like them

When you’re done with that use a file manager to search for folders with no content and select and delete them.

/Users/nicholas/Roon folder is empty.

Awesome, I will give it a go.

I seriously doubt that Roon moved any of your files unless you’d at some point, even if only for a few seconds, enabled Organized folders and pointed it to your library. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side why not set your share up as Read Only to when you’re done then nothing can move the files.

Well I never enabled it and even if I had, the target was the local disk, not my NAS. The net-net is just time to repair the damage from Roon. :frowning:

I’ve not seen the Roon source code, but I doubt Watched folders and Organised folders share any common code other than that relating to traversing directories, reading tags and writing same to its database. If Roon did move your files there’d be many other users reporting exactly the same thing, including myself.

But, you are where you are, so best focus on getting things back to how you want them.

Without wanting to minimise the OP’s pain, I can confirm @mike’s claim here. I’ve been a Roon alpha tester for a full two years, and have never once seen this happen.

I once accidentally clicked the wrong folder option and Roon indeed instantly caused chaos. But it was user error. I was amazed at how quickly the chaos unfolded.

I’m afraid I suspect that you (or perhaps someone else) for the briefest of moments, selected the wrong option. If you have good tags you will be able to sort it out. Painful donkey-work though. You have my sympathy!

Without wanting to sound prissy or patronising, did the OP have a back up of his music library on the NAS? Much easier all round to just remove the watched music on Roon, restore the Music folder on the NAS and then set it as a watched folder again. Or have I missed something? Just trying to save endless hours of restructuring the Music folder.