Roon has stopped analysing files

Have roon core on my laptop using iphone as endpoint.
Today i added some new music files to my pc and noticed roon has stopped analysing any new files even though the library setting is same as before throttled and fast.

Hi @Stewart_Taylor,

Is Roon stuck during the import or analysis process? Or did it just not start at all?

have you tried restarting your Core?

Hi Dylan nothing sticking.Albums i have added show up in Roon but are not being analysed.
I have shut the laptop down and restarted Roon Core and it does not change anything.
Thinking about it they are files that got deleted off my pc put on a storage device and have been added again so Roon had previously analysed them before they got deleted.
Could this be the reason why?.

Hi @Stewart_Taylor,

Just to be clear — These files are showing up in Roon, but aren’t being analyzed, correct? Or are they not showing up at all?

Hi,showing up correctly but not being analyzed.

Thanks for confirming, @Stewart_Taylor.

It’s possible that, if these were the same files that were in another location, Roon matched up that data and so analysis wasn’t necessary — If you import completely new files are they analyzed?

Can you share a screenshot of your analysis settings?

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