Roon has stopped automatically updating new audio files

Hello, all. I’m running Roon 1.7 (Build 710) on Windows Server 2019 with Audiophile Optimizer on a build of the AudiophileStyle CAPS Twenty server (i9-10900K processor; 32 Gb RAM; EVGA RTX2080Ti graphics card for HQP). For as long as I can remember, when I upload a new album onto my NAS (Synology 1812+), Roon instantly identifies it as being in my watched folder and instantly adds it to the Overview. Since last running SongKong through my Roon library, Roon only identifies and adds new albums to the Overview when I manually do a Force Rescan under Settings.

No changes to my Settings. I have Background Audio Analysis Speed still set at Fast (8 cores) and On-Demand Audio Analysis Speed still set at Fast.

Tagging @paultaylor from SongKong as well to this topic. Thanks, all. Cheers. JCR

Hi Jeffrey, I cant really see how running SongKong against existing albums would then prevent automated updated to Roon for a new album, the only thing I can think of is the latest version of SongKong now updates a load of metatafield that roon understands so there would be more for the roon updater to do, could it be that roon is still processing the list ?

If you have a large library and are running SongKong against all of it it may be better to stop Roon whilst running SongKong, then once finished restart Roon and do a Force Rescan over whole library.

Thanks, @paultaylor. Yes, a very large library. The Roon behavior may be merely coincidental. We’ll let @support weigh in on this. Cheers. JCR

Hi @Jeffrey_Robbins,

About how long ago did this start? Have there been any changes to your setup around the time this started occurring?

When you go to Settings > Storage and click the 3 dots next to your NAS watched folder, and then press edit, what is the rescan interval set to? If you lower this setting does it help?

Just so we have an idea – How many tracks total are in your library?

Hello, @dylan. Thanks for your note. As you can see below, I have no rescan interval functionality on the screen you directed me to.

236,940 tracks. JCR

@dylan? JCR

Hi @Jeffrey_Robbins,

How do you have the NAS connected here, via USB? The Rescan Interval option only shows up if you connect it via the network.

Can you try to make a subfolder in your NAS (like J/Music/Test) and verify if items you add there show up automatically?

Hello, @noris. My NAS and server are both connected via ethernet to a Ubiquiti switch and not via USB to each other. So, I am surprised that the rescan interval option does not appear, based on your note above.

With this said, and after my last note, I rebooted my Roon server. It is now again functioning as expected – recognizing and populating new albums instantaneously as I import them. Why it had stopped working, I have no clue.

Looking forward to Roon 1.8 next week! Perhaps the rescan interval option will show up for me with the new version. Thanks. JCR

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Hi @Jeffrey_Robbins,

Thanks for letting us know that the issue resolved itself! It looks like the drive is appearing as a local drive J:, perhaps you have set up a network map to this drive to have it show up like this? In that case, it would explain why the option doesn’t appear. In any case, do let us know if you have any further issues after the release!

@noris, you are correct that I mapped my NAS as a drive letter for Roon and other purposes. So, I thus understand why the rescan interval option doesn’t appear. Thanks for the help and go Roon 1.8! Cheers. JCR

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