Roon has stopped working - 2 minutes after starting playback. Win 10 core


I have a Windows 10 running Roon core, and some snd_hifiberry_dac Raspberry pis, and a couple of Roon remotes. The Windows 10 box is directly connected via ethernet cable to a managed ethernet switch at gigabit speed. The internet connection (router etc) is also connected to the same switch. The Raspberry Pi’s are connected via wifi.

Today I started playing a track from Tidal and it played for a minute or so then the music stopped and I saw this on the screen. Screen shot:

Here are the logs for the roon core (Roon_log.txt) leading up to the issue, including the last line logged before it stopped: I don’t see any indication of a problem. Any ideas what could have caused it to stop working?


Maybe post the spec of the Windows pc , library size.

Is this a new library still doing background Audio Analysis? That soaks up processor

Have you got your music files excluded from Anti Virus ?

this looks like a Program not Responding error, maybe short of RAM , processor power etc

I had the exact same problem which started yesterday for the first time. The Roon app crashed 7 or 8 times over a 2 hour period.
PC is an i5 nuc with 16gb ram, I’ve never had this happen before, don’t believe library was being indexed or anything