Roon has stopped Working on startup


• Running 64-bit version n Windows 10 (Windows patches are up to date
Dell T3610, 32 GRAM
• Roon fails to start. Error “ Roon has stopped Working”. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program…
• Installed new Roon version – same error message
• Music is stored on local drive “D”. Not via USB or NAS
Video Card: AMD Firepro W5000


I get this from time to time … rebooting the PC typically fixes it.

@support I’d love to know what the root cause is.

There were some recent reports of false positives to antivirus programs. I wonder if this might be the cause?

Unlikely to be antivirus, a false positive would quarantine the executable and not allow Roon to run at all.

What I see is Roon starts displaying the white screen and the animated “jellyfish” then after a period of time rather than displaying a Roon screen… the animation hangs and then Windows reports there was a problem starting the application.

It doesn’t sound like the anti-virus issue which I dealt with. I would suggest updating your AMD video card to the latest driver version, it could be some issue with a Window Video Driver update.

Hello @DIMITRIOS_papaioanno,

When you open Roon, what behavior are you noticing before you get the error message “Roon has stopped working”? Does the loading screen (with the music artist quotes) appear on the screen? Does the Roon window load and show the Roon logo? Does the taskbar running indicator show that Roon is running?