Roon has suddenly stopped working with my Auralic Aries [Solved - Permissions]

My Roon to Aries LE set up had previously been working fine and I suddenly am no longer able to play any songs successfully. When I attempt to do so I get ten to twelve seconds of choppy music with dropouts and then I get the following error message in Roon: “An audio file is loading slowly. This may indicate a performance or hardware issue”.

I have taken the following steps in order to troubleshoot the issue:

I focused on playing a low resolution file (256 kbps AAC) directly from the hard drive on the core instead of higher resolution files from my external hard drive.

The file plays fine on Roon through the computer’s speakers. I can also play the file with no issues while streaming through Roon to an AppleTV on the same wifi network.

I restarted computer as well as my cable modem/ router. I also rebooted the Aries.

I turned off my firewall and that did not have any impact.

I set both the Aries and the core to a different wifi network and the issue remained the same.

I performed a complete reset of the Aries and set it up from scratch. There was no change to the issue.

I am running the following setup:

Roon version 1.2 Build 128 64 bit
My OS is Windows 10 Home
My core install is running on a HP Envy laptop with an Intel Core i7 2.4 Ghz CPU and 12 GB of RAM
My Aries is running firmware 3.3 which was updated on April 18th

Can you go straight to the Aries wired and eliminate any wireless hops.

Did you eliminate the cable modem all together and setup a different wireless access point or did you change wireless channels on the cable modem.

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Unfortunately, with my current setup getting a wired connection to the Aries would be a daunting task.

The different wireless network is a 5G network on the same cable modem. I do not have separate modem to test it on.


As a follow up, I have updated Roon to version 1.2 (build 142) and that had no effect on the issue.

Roon Support - Any insight you can provide here?


This really does sound like a network issue… unfortunately, I think your next step is going to have to be to eliminate the network as a problem.

You said everything was working fine before… what happened? What changed?

I did set up a wired connection to the Aries and Roon was able to play files with no issues. In order to get my core laptop to see the Aries on the wired connection I had to change one of the file sharing permissions in Windows. I then disconnected the wired connection and attempted to play Roon over the wireless connection and it now works. Not sure what triggered all of this but it seems to be resolved now. Thank you for the help.

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