Roon has trouble loading database over and over and over

Roon Core Machine

Pink faun ultra

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquity network
Pink faun connected via ethernet
HP spectre connected via wifu

Connected Audio Devices

Nagra HD dac connected via usb

Number of Tracks in Library

3000 albums on hard drive plus qobuz and tidal

Description of Issue

I have created a completly new data base many times … it works for several weeks or days then stops
Pink faun thought it might have been corrupt files so I have deleted all the files I added in the last year

Euphony ( on pink faun) and JRiver ( another pc) play these all files with no problems

I love the roon interface but this is beyond tedious … any ideas

Can you expand on what you mean/see when you say it “stops”?

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Stops working … gets hung on the “unable to load library” or whatever that message is… I then have to turn off server etc to get back into roon delete backups and start again

It sounds like something is continually corrupting Roon’s database.

If/when you shutdown your Core, how is that accomplished? Do you get frequent power outages? Where is your database? It could be (probably is) failing hardware.

How often do you run Backups? Does a Backup ever fail with a message about a corrupt dataset?

Why are you deleting Backups? The fact that you have a complete Backup means (theoretically) that the Backup was made when the database was not corrupt.

Why? If you have a Backup, then Restore from that. Doesn’t mean your database won’t become corrupted again. From what you post it looks like it will, but at least with a Restore you won’t have permanently lost any curation you might have done.

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Thanks SG … it does seem like an occasional random corruption… roon core has been deleted and reinstalled twice … Jord from pink faun is very helpfull and has done this remotely … he does not have any other examples of this fault so I thought I would post here to see if there are others

Shutdown is done by turning off pink faun

Going to previous backups has not given stability

( I would have loved to retain my playlists)

Backup is on the OS ssd not a viewed ssd where music is located … I think its set at every 4 fays

Pink Faun plays euphony no problems … its very stable
It seems to me there must be some incorrect file somwhere that is tripping up roon.
I will get back to Pink Faun


I thought Pink Faun was only a streamer. Is this where your Core is? If so, you shouldn’t shut down Roon by just turning off the device it’s running on. That can/will cause database corruption.

You can Restore a Backup? Yes, that won’t guarantee stability. From what I read, the Restore goes okay and then the database gets corrupted again.

Don’t delete any Backups. When your problem gets straightened out, you can do one final Restore.

If you’re just turning off the device your Roon Core is running on, then that’s a real problem.

Yes its a music server

The core stops thats how I get back into roon… select a new core then ho through the commands to delete backups etc.

I do wonder if my trying to look at backups through euphony has created a problem… I will get PF to have a look … their must be some software glitch somwhere


Hi @Phil_Ward,

Account history suggests you might have another Core available on which you can try to load this database. If so, we recommend you try the DB there; should the corruption or other performance issues return, then corruption within the database is indeed the culprit.

Otherwise, there’s unfortunately a likelihood that a failing hard drive is leading to corruption after a certain amount of time. The tech support team will keep an eye out for your response and continue to comb diagnostic logs in the meantime.

Thanks for the response

I am not sure what you means by another core for db … do you just mean another drive other than the OS or music drives.

As far as I am aware euphony plays all files without trouble on the same server so I doubt that its a degrading hard drive ( samsung pro ssd) as I have had this problem with roon db for approx. 1 year.

I have started again and will see how it goes.


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