Roon Has Trouble with my Meridian Explorer 2 DAC

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
System is Roon Server on a Linux laptop, Tinkerboard S with Roon installed

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Meridian Explorer 2 DAC, which plays into a Feliks Echo headphone amp.

Description Of Issue
The system works beautifully, but the problem is that Roon won’t save my Explorer to settings. Every time I start Roon up the next day after previously having shut it down for the evening, I have to re-enable and rename the Explorer DAC.

Not a huge inconvenience but yet it is an annoying inconvenience.
Any ideas?

Hi @William_Saimond,

Does your Linux Laptop use any kind of “deep freeze” capabilities where the PC is restored to previous version automatically (using a non-persistent storage location)? Is the Meridian zone the only one affected by this behavior or are other zones as well?

No my linux does not have that capability. Also there are 3 other zones that do not have this problem. They remain enabled at all times. Only the Meridian DAC has to be re-enabled at each new start up. Thanks for responding.

Hi @William_Saimond,

Can you please confirm if the behavior is the same if you have the Meridian DAC connected directly to the Core, bypassing any Roon Bridges?

My Linux laptop does not have the core installed. Instead it has the Roon Server installed .

Hi @William_Saimod,

Thanks for letting me know that. Yes, I understand that you only have RoonServer on the Linux PC, my intention here is to verify if the behavior is the same when the Meridian DAC is connected directly to RoonServer, as this will help clear up if this issue only occurs for the bridge. Once the Meridian is connected to RoonServer, it should show up in Roon Settings -> Audio similar to when it’s connected to the bridge. Please let me know if this works as expected.

I hooked up my dac to the linux laptop usb port and tried to find Roon Settings. I had no luck trying to find it. I found my Roon Server but nothing like Roon Settings. In this configuration, the Roon app on my tablet could no longer find the Meridian Explorer 2 DAC. It found my Linux laptop and when I clicked on it, I was able to access my music files and play them thru the laptop onboard speakers. I went back to my original configuration after that and noticed I had to, as before, re-enable and identify the dac.

Hi @William_Saimond,

Apologies, I think there may have been some confusion here. By Roon Settings > Audio, we mean navigating to the Audio tab of Settings in the Roon UI on the remote. When you had Roon connected in this way did you check out Settings > Audio on the remote? If not, this would definitely be a good test.


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