Roon having troubles connecting to RoonServer

Hey everyone,

Installed Roon today. I have a Mac Mini running RoonServer. Connecting from my iMac running Roon as a remote client.

When I connect first time everything is fine. But then after closing the remote client and starting it up again, the remote cannot find the RoonServer. The screen says:

Remote Connection
Waiting for Remote Library

After going to my Mac Mini and restarting RoonServer I can connect again.

Is this a known issue?

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Hi Foxmoon,

Some suggestions arising from previous connection issues:

  • reboot the iMac and Mac Mini;
  • try giving your Mac Mini a static IP address;
  • check that firewalls are turned off (you can turn them on again later with exceptions once it’s all working);
  • check that the iMac has all necessary permissions to read/write to the RoonServer drive and library.

If those things don’t help then try the following. This shouldn’t be necessary if you are a new instal, but it can’t hurt to try it:

  • close RoonServer and Roon;
  • move any Roon database on the iMac to a backup folder, leaving no database in the Roon folder (presumably there is no data in it, but can’t hurt to back it up);
  • start RoonServer on the Mac Mini;
  • start Roon on the iMac.

If those things don’t help then I’m sure @mike or another dev will be along to fix it.

Cheers !


that really sounds like a firewall blocking incoming network packets on your roonserver.

I’ll keep an eye on things. Today didn’t need to restart RoonServer before connecting.

A build fixing some connection bugs that have been identified will be released in the next few days:

Lets see if that picks up this issue.

@foxmoon how have your issues been in latest releases?

I guess its better. Have not been using Roon much I’m afraid as I’m waiting for RoonSpeakers to become available.