Roon Hides Unknown Track

Roon (build 3) did not identify my copy of Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series Vol 5. So, I clicked Identify and found a match. However, it matched all the tracks except one on disc 1 (track 10 of 11). After I clicked Save, track 10 was no longer shown as part of the album. So, two issues. One is bad meta data and the other is how it is handled. Roon should never ever hide a track. It could put an icon or warning on it, but please never hide it.

Hi @Nick – did you get this resolved?

I strongly doubt we’re hiding the track, but it’s possible we haven’t nailed the grouping, and have instead made a separate album out of the track. This can be caused by tags in the file that lead us to believe this track is distinct from the rest of the album.

Our Fix Track Grouping feature will have a “find tracks from the same directory” feature soon, which would help in this case.

For now, you may want to take a look at the file itself, and see if there’s anything about its tags that would lead us to believe it shouldn’t be part of the album (like an Album field that’s different from the other tracks).

Let us know what you find and I’m sure we can find this track :smile:


@mike, the issues seems to be resolved in build 9. Thanks! I see a few issues with duplicates have been fixed too. Very nice.