Roon & Home Audio Fidelity (Room Correction / convolution filter creation)


Nope, nothing fancy, just the physical room measurements - worth having a listen to Thierry’s test track with it and at least seeing what you reckon.


I am amazed I can now play things so much louder without hurting my ears, The more I listen the more I like.

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Welcome to the club. I enjoy my HAF filters for more than one year. Actually, I had to check, since September 2017 :slight_smile:
I prefer the xtalk filters, being more broadening the sound stage, about 1m out of the speaker location on both sides. Maybe not the origin, but very pleasing to me.

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Hmm listening to some albums tonight and somethings missing , they feel too flat and have lost their sparkle. I listened to them on my headphone rig and that sounds more alive. Will he tweak the filters if your not happy with them. I know it’s a big change adding these and a lot of music has sounded much better with more depth overall but their is some sparkle missing the more I listen.

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Thierry has adjusted several of my filters after some initial listening. I say just write him with your desired adjustment and ask. JCR


I have now done this.


Got tweaked filters yesterday, these have gone a little to bright now, something I was having issue with before I started along this path so have asked for him to knock it back a little. It’s amazing how these tweaks change the sound signature so much. I am enjoying this journey it’s like testing different speakers each time.

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So having listened some more to the new ones I switched back to the first ones, preffering them overall today sounding the best it’s ever done. Be interesting to see what Thierry comes up with next though.


Maybe you can play a bit with Roon’s parametric EQ in addition to your original i.e. flat HAF filters. Then when you like the the signature you can ask Thierry to make the new filters with adding the preferred signature. Or you keep both EQ in Roon switched on. But I think Thierry will be able to make a better sounding filter as he can take your signature and compensate for improved time alignment.


I tried that did not like the results and I am bit unsure of what to really adjust, I’ll wait for his next iteration. But I am enjoying the flat ones today.


Been listening most of today and just got another updated filter to try out.

I’ve been wondering that now my analogue side is going to be so out of whack compared to Roon. Whats out there I could use the same filters but for an analogue chain I know it will have to have an ADC somewhere as convolution is only a digital process.

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This one is apparently very good, but I am not sure it can use external convolution files so you might have to settle for using Dirac with it (which is also very good btw):

But you would also need an A/D converter, so perhaps not optimal.


Yeah I am thinking maybe get a USB Phono stage and use a computer to stream it as flac and have Roon pick up the URL. Some have done this but its a complexity I am looking to avoid if possible.


So maybe the new Arcam SA30 is calling me. It has Dirac built in, and a mc phonostage so saves on another few boxes. Decisions, Decisions.

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Having just done REW with @Magnus’s help (thank you!) (and now done to 500 Hz as you suggested) I found the process very manageable. Moving mic measurements with RTA is the anchor point to make REW easy and effective (along with ofcourse first having tried to make your speaker placement and room function as best you can within whatever limits you have in your home.)

Just out of curiosity, can one not use Dirac completely in software on your Roon endpoint, without needing a special amplifier? Wasn’t that supposed to come at some point?


People have asked for Dirac but never been any mention from Roon themselves to my knowledge. I would imagine the licensing is quite expensive and would likely put the cost up some.

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Wow, so, Dirac is only available in HW, and for example that MiniDPS SHD still requires a DAC attached before you can send the output to your amp. So, your going digital (from your network - from Roon? Because it has Volumio running…) to the SHD which does Dirac but outputs only via SPDIF and AES-EBU, so that limits your DAC choice, or you need connect yet another device like a Pi and then output the DAC of your choice.

Very complex and expensive. In order to use Dirac. Is Dirac so insanely much more amazing than the most direct, simple and efficient use of REW / HAF filters convolved directly in Roon?

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Dirac is available as software and until recently could be linked to by Roon. The new version of Dirac has complicated this process.

If interested, you could try This thread which links to others etc.

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Thanks for the link. From there I take it, having a VST Host that Roon can talk to is the issue. Mentioned was using FB2K via the Squeezebox API to do that (Roon(LMS) => squeez2upnp => foobar2000(as VST host w/upnp plugin) => dac). Atleast that is free and completely in software, but wow is that alot of work compared to REW / HAF.

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That does appear to be unnecessarily complicated and that’s before you consider the cost. You could have several expertly crafted HAF filters for the price.

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