Roon & Home Audio Fidelity (Room Correction / convolution filter creation)

(Larry Megugorac) #185


Thanks very much…I’ve never opened up that part of Roon…Do I find that on my iPad that controls my RoonServer?

Thanks so much!!!


(Rémi) #186

Nope you need to use a Windows or MacOS Roon remote to configure the DSP

(Larry Megugorac) #187

Thanks for everyone’s help here on Roon…What a great place to learn how to better enjoy your Music!!!

I finally figured out that I can control all of Roon on my office’s iMac…even though my RoonServer is my MACMini…

I got my new Convolutions files this AM from Theirry, whom is really great to work with, It’s embarrassingly easy to install the Zip file with just a couple of clicks…and it instantly runs the filters! Now I gotta find a shortcut on my iPad that lets me turn the filters On & Off when using my Headphones…

Damn I just really love Roon and how it works!


(Larry Post) #188

Today I measured for the sample file.

I have Dave Fabrikant’s Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 in a non-symmetrical layout on raised oak floors and surrounded by concrete walls and ceiling (1952 Northern San Diego County, California 92083).

I have two Rythmik L12 sealed subs primarily for movies but usually prefer the Sierras alone for 2 channel. Boy oh boy, do the L12s dig deep for something electronic! I did not enable them for the measurements as the Sierra 2 are only 3dB down at 36Hz. Plenty deep for 95% of what I listen.

I measured in my worst-case layout acoustically but most convenient to setup and tear down for my Friday listening sessions while my better half is working. I have 5 absorptive panels and 2 tuned membrane panels for lower octaves. I use them in any/all combination of them depending on my mood, the music, energy level or none.

I figured Thierry’s filters would be the most useful/effective to start with my worst-case, and if I like them to have him do my other speaker arrangements as well.

When I setup symmetrically on the short wall about a third of the way from each wall/surface and distribute all panels, it sounds pretty crazy amazing already. Deep and wide.

I’ve made several convolution filters using REW and mostly liked them but frankly didn’t/don’t want to spend the effort to try and improve them by trial and error, somewhat guessing what the data in REW is trying to tell me.

I’ve followed Magnus’s guide and when I heard he likes Thierry’s work I just had to try it as I’ve experienced the significant gains filters bring vs the hardware game of swapping cables, footers, magic dust, upsampling, etc.!

Here are L1 and R1 prime seat measurements

and phase up to 200Hz All over the place!

(Mark Allen) #189

Sounds like you’ve gone through the natural progession that I went through as well. I assume you like the results!

(Ruud Verrijk) #190

I am using convolution with my own filters made in rePhase. Happy with the improvement, but the positive sounds on HAF in this thread make me very curious so I am considering to give HAF a try.
I have a room with poor bass and a room mode. I have added a large subwoofer to help, and together with my conv filters, that worked. The sub is not eq’ed, just a crossover and connected to mixed L+R channels.

Does anybody know if Thierry’s filters would be just as applicable in my subbed setup?

(Rémi) #191

Hi Ruud, yes they will. Make sure the subs are ON when you do the measurements.

(Ruud Verrijk) #192

Thanks, Alec, will give it a try!

(Larry Post) #193

Thierry is working at it on Saturday, he turned my test tracks around in just a couple hours. I sent him Dire Straits Brothers in Arms and Rush Limelight.

I loaded the mod files along with the originals in a playlist without any tags, etc. to be able to tell which file was which and listened.

Impressive. The music now comes from a spheroid shaped space in front of me that is twice the width of the distance between speakers, about the same height as it was without, but much, much deeper. Perhaps 12’ deep vs quite shallow, next to nothing.

I’ll get the cross talk filters just to have a choice (I presume one gets both filters if purchasing the more expensive?), though they can sound a bit like the muscle strain I feel when listening to headphones with out cross feed enabled. I’m sure it works great for some/many but not all albums or genres.

For what it’s worth; Brothers in Arms is superiorly mastered vs Limelight. The cohesive and large sound presence is easily most apparent in the better of the two recordings. Rush still sounds hard and harsh in the treble, just like their live shows!

(Larry Megugorac) #194

Yes you do get both filters when you purchase the Xtalk ones. At the moment, I like the Xtalk file that am putting through some serious listening…I like what I hear so far!

(Larry Post) #195

Thanks Larry, Thierry confirmed as well.

I’ve got an open question to him. I measured in this order L1, L2, L3-6, then R1, R2, R3-6. I now know I should have measured, L1, R1; L2, R2, not moving the mic between. I’ll remeasure soon…

I wish there was a time limit evaluation available just to be able to help distinguish between xtalk and non-xtalk filters. I know he spends dedicated time but over more iterations, I bet it becomes quick/routine.

I suppose I’ll purchase xtalk, otherwise I suspect I will always wonder how it would ‘appear in space’, err sound. Bang for the € is plenty for me to commit.

(Larry Megugorac) #196


Especially since Dirac’s SW is 2X + the price of Theirry’s…So far I like what I am hearing…Audyssey can’t hold Theirry’s jock…People really need to hear what Room Correction can do for their musical enjoyment…and HAF is a great place to start!

(Larry Post) #197

I remeasured, keeping the mic put for L1 then R1, and so on. Thierry turned around the new filters quickly. I also sent him headshots while holding a ruler so he can work up the beta xtalk filters that take the head into account.

For my setup, the cohesion of the sound stage is the most significant change. It’s one of those things that I didn’t know I was missing until I heard it. Now if my new Ethernet cables would just break in!

(Mark Allen) #198

I love the beta xtalk filters! On certain well recorded tracks and some older tracks its phenomenal.

(Larry Post) #199

Thierry is sending back the files I sent him for test, did he provide you the new filter itself?

(Mark Allen) #200

I’m pretty sure they were clearly labeled when I received them.
I think the best thing about his filters is I don’t feel a need to tweak anything anymore.

(Larry Post) #201

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Did Thierry send you new xtalk (beta) filters, or just test files already encoded with the changes?

(Mark Allen) #202

New files were sent to me. By the time I got the (beta head)files I had already purchased the “excellence” package and had been using HAF for a few months.
I believe I have 3 sets of files. xtalk_head(beta), xtalk and the normal files. I’m not in front of my home computer to verify however. I was/am pretty happy with the xtalk_head(beta) version he initially sent. Hope this makes sense to you.

(Larry Post) #203

Yes, thank you. I also have purchased the Excellence package and have received my filters (non-xtalk and xtalk), however Thierry said he needed more time to prepare the best xtalk filter, it should be done tomorrow, and would send me the test files I originally sent to him for the initial filters encoded with the beta, hence my question about whether you received the actual convo filters or encoded files…we’ll see which I get tomorrow.

(Mark Allen) #204

Sounds good Larry. Without the xtalk(beta) filters you’ll have time to adjust to the xtalk filters etc. For me it took me a little bit to get used to the filters/my room with correction.