Roon & Home Audio Fidelity (Room Correction / convolution filter creation)

(John) #307

Mark, I’ll send Thierry an email and see what he says regarding which is best - his tools or REW. Appreciate it could just be a case of simpler tools would ensure less mistakes made so in that instance it would have an advantage over REW, unless the person has a knowledge of REW to ensure correct measurements :+1:

(Mark Allen) #308

100% agree with you John.

(Andrew Stamp) #309

Has anyone gone ‘the whole hog’ with in-ear HRTF measurements and speakers setup much closer together to optimise performance with filters for cross-talk? And, if so, then how is it working?

(Mark Allen) #310

I have not Andrew FWIW I do want to try it.

I’ve just downloaded Roon 1.5 w/MQA support. I was afraid that Roon wouldn’t be able to handle DSP and MQA, but I like their solution. So far w/only a few tracks, the “first-unfold” of Roon using DSP(HAF filters) sounds even better. Timing seems to be even better.


I’ve just started using the standard crosstalk filters on a simple secondary system (RPi amp + B&W M1 speakers) - as it happens the speakers are much closer together than my main system (1m approx). I’ve been pretty astonished at the life-like nature of the sound in this setup - on some tracks it was like I could reach out and touch the vocalists! Thierry said this is down to the small span angle. Given the basic kit and terrible room acoustics (lots of hard surfaces) I couldn’t be happier with this :joy:

I had previously tried using crosstalk filters on my main system (with and without head measurements) but with less success, largely due to an obstacle between the listening position and one speaker but perhaps not helped by the wider span angle. The standard filters, though, are great in that setup.

I guess all I would suggest is trying it in your setup and seeing how you get on.

(Nick Allen) #312

I’m having a helluva time trying to get REW to work at all so I can get measurements for Thierry. So far I haven’t been able to get the USB mic to input into my computer, nor get my speakers to play the sweep file so REW can record it.

Anyone else have a problem with this? Ughh! I’m not exactly computer illiterate either. I just can’t find any thread which gives instructions for setting up REW with the USB mic and running the sweep through you speakers, being played by Roon.


Hi Nick,

If you haven’t seen it, this post gives good instructions on playing through your speakers and taking the measurements - Roon & Home Audio Fidelity (Room Correction / convolution filter creation) . As far as connecting the mic is concerned, it ‘just worked’ for me over usb on a PC, so not sure what to advise here. Does REW not recognise it?

(Larry Megugorac) #314


I use a MAC Mini for my RoonServer and I just plugged my USB mic into a USB port on my MAC and REW recognized it and that can be set up in in Preferences… I just really love what Thierry’s filters did for my Room Correction…I use his Cross-Talk filters…



I use the exactly same setup. Works perfectly, also on HAF x-cross filters.

(Nick Allen) #316

Ah, sorry I missed your posts, guys. For some reason I was not notified.

Anyway, yeah, I was just brainfarting. I got the mic and REW to pick up my room well.

Now I’ve gotten with Thierry and we’re working on the results. Pretty cool so far. Almost there, and Thierry is very cool.

Now the only problem I have (and it’s a big problem), is that using a convolution filter in Roon with the new Linn streaming, I get dropouts every 2 to 3 seconds.

So, yeah, I can’t really give Thierry feedback because I can’t really hear the music. Bummer. Big time!

(Rémi) #317

Can you post a picture of your signal path ? Maybe your server is not powerful enough (which I doubt as Thierry’s filters are pretty light usually) or there is a bug in the quite new Linn streaming implementation. If the case you can flag support.

(Nick Allen) #318

Yeah, here’s a pic of my path. I’ve also looked at my SonicTransporter, and it shows an average of a 9% load across 4 cores while the music is playing. That’s nothing. Even if it was 50% I wouldn’t worry. I’ve also tried to increase the buffer in Roon for the Linn, and even at a 1 second buffer (the max) the dropouts still occur.

I don’t want to derail the thread, because yeah, Thierry’s service is top-notch. I’ve piggybacked on a previous support thread for what appears to be this same problem, so maybe something will come of it.


(Vasily) #319

I have the same problem with linn majik and convolution filter in Roon

(Nick Allen) #320

Put in a ticket, man.

(Mark Allen) #321

Hello everyone, it’s been awhile. How’s everyone doing with HAF and Roon 1.5? Personally with some MQA tracks and HAF Room correction (Thanks Roon for the brilliant implementation) my system is uncannily realistic. I’ve now come to the point where I don’t think about tweaking my system but just enjoy the music.

Oh and of course
Allez Les Bleus!! :slight_smile:


Yup, particularly loving the combination of crosstalk reduction filters and MQA :grinning: now I just need more time to listen to it!

(Johan) #323

I love the HAF filters with crosstalk reduction. I have an L-shaped living room and with the crosstalk reduction stereo image is fantastic. It’s a very holographic picture. Also in compare with Dirac it sound more natural, unforced, you can still here the sound signature of the speakers. With Dirac all speakers sounds more or less the same…
On the plus, Thierry is a great guy, allways willing to help you, no effort is too much!

As for the World Championships Soccer (we say football in Europe) I have to support our Belgium team “The Red Devils” but France is our neighbour and we Belgiums have strong connections with the French (way of life) I also do support les Blues.

(Mark Allen) #324

Oh my, what a game!

(Johan) #325

Belgium was very lucky. Japan was very strong.

(Douglas Maurer) #326

Just wanted to put in my plug for Thierry and Home Audio Fidelity! I was never quite happy with my several trys at using REW to create my own convolution filters or creating a parametric EQ mirror of my old DIRAC/Amarra Symphony filter. I loved his easy to use program to take the measurements with my umik and poof filters to download less than 48hrs later! 1st set sounded great but a touch bass shy (for my tastes) so 12hrs later new set a touch more bass sound fabulous. Biggest diff is tightening up some flabby/boomy bass, wider sounstage, less harsh upper trebble limit and an even more live/u r there sound out of my Vandys! Happy camper…havent tried his filters c HQ Player or Audirvana but will this weekend. Sound great c ROON and love the fact I can use them c MQA too via ROON, Tidal, and my Oppo 205! Plus can upsample everything else to DSD 256 and sounds great! Very satisfied!