Roon & Home Audio Fidelity (Room Correction / convolution filter creation)

(Magnus) #327

Got new filters today, and the new ones where excellent. My old REW filters sounds muffled in comparison. Biggest difference is overall clarity and bass definition.

I have both the normal and the xtalk version, the xtalk version results in more precise sound location, but normal ones results in a wider soundstage, well outside the speakers (I don’t have the xtalk that needs head measurements though).

(John) #328


Thought you had filters previously, did you change your equipment (speakers, other) which required new filters (I’ve had my speakers updated so need new filters also).

Anything new in REW that you did prior to passing your files on to Thierry for him to do his magic, or did you use his new software tool to do the measurements.


(Magnus) #329

Yea, I have upgraded electronics and made changes to the room, so needed new filters from him. I did measurements according to this picture, didn’t know that he has a tool for it (have to check it out): Measurements

(John) #330

For some reason I can’t seem to focus on the specific measurement points in your picture :roll_eyes:

FYI Thierry’s Measurement Tool , it’s meant to be simpler, but I seem to get confused reading the instructions (wouldn’t be hard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

(Mark Allen) #331

I’ve said it before, but Thierry’s filters have transformed my listening pleasure.
Merci encore Thierry

(John) #332

I’ve upgraded my speakers, had my Devialet 1000Pro upgraded with Core Infinity board (Devialet speak for adding streaming capabilities), bought an Entreq Poseidon, and just about to get an Antipodes CX.

Think it’s time to look at getting my HAF filters redone :roll_eyes:
PS, on a serious note, how long should I look at the above gear ‘burning in’ prior to redoing the Filters?

(Henry) #333

I would say the biggest issue is the speakers. The Entreq is passive, the amp upgrade is not really going to impact an already run in amp so that is what I would be looking at.

(John) #334

I’ve had the speakers for 10 weeks now. Not been playing them non-stop, but must have had at least 200 hours by now.

PS I know I shouldn’t as it has no relevance to this thread, but a couple of wee photo’s of my set-up :grinning:

(Larry Post) #335

I find by placing two 2’x4’x2" absorption panels in front of my display, only while listening, the stage expands and sounds much better than without. The flat, reflective surface is the last thing you want between speakers.

I use these -

(John) #336


Really appreciate the advice :+1:

Yep, a big TV sitting smack in between a pair of speakers is not the best, but unfortunaelty I’m pretty well stuck with what I’ve got. I’ve a thin rug (or beach towel) I can drape over the TV to help, but unsure if I can get away with the panels (off course they would be the best option).

Not sure if I take my new readings in REW with or without the cover on the TV, to give the most realistic scenario (most times I forget to go and get the rug to put on the TV).

The one thing I could possibly get away with is a panel in the left corner, and been thinking about possibly getting a round one. The one I have been looking at is Primacoustic Maxtrap, but being here in Oz we get little choice (to ship from overseas really adds to the cost). I could also look at a round trap as some people say these are better for corners. Would just one panel in the left hand corner do much to help the Bass Nodes before getting the new HAF Filters?

Sorry if I’m going off track from the thread, but it is kind off still to do with HAF.

(Larry Post) #337

I made two sets of measurements, one with all my treatments in place and another without. If it’s just me listening, all the treatments come out and do their work, otherwise they stay put away in coat closet…and I choose the filter appropriately.

(John) #338

So Thierry will do 2 sets of filters, that’s a good idea I’ll need to ask him when I get round to re-doing my measurements.

As it’s very easy to swap the HAF filters around in Roon that would be a simple choice :+1:


Okay. Let’s just say it. I’ve been hesitating for months. Thierry’s been enormously helpful. Really, can’t say anything else. But my filters just were so disappointing. Took the life out of everything I played. Replayed, replayed, replayed. Thought it had to be me, because of all the raving reviews here. But sorry, when it sounds like #$@!, it probably is just that.

Bottomline: trust your own ears. I’ll wait for this to mature some more. That’s just my opinion. Sorry about that. I’m just not a believer. Yet. Perhaps the measurements weren’t done right. But that was my point all along the way. Then just make it happen: provide some fool proof way of measuring that can’t go wrong. Whole in the market. Roon team anyone? :wink:


Hi @Grump!

Absolutely! Just because measurements tell you everything should sound better now, doesn’t mean your ears agree. Ultimately, we should always listen to what our ears tell us, because it’s our EARS (and not frequency graphs etc.) we listen to music with.

(Magnus) #341

That’s a common complaint about room correction. The “life” you talk about is probably some bass notes that play to high and give extra warmth, and when you are used to them it feels very thin and empty when they are gone.


Hi @Magnus,

what’s the point in forcing yourself to like something you really don’t like? @Grump explicitly stressed the fact that he’d been trying this out for months before he arrived at this conclusion. (I’m saying this as someone who strongly believes that both room correction and above all acoustic room treatment can lead to excellent results.)

(Magnus) #343

No need to force anything, but if you get used to a balanced sound you get to listen to how its supposed to sound (i.e. as the artist intended). But in @Grump’s case it also might be bad measurements or something else, so its impossible to tell.

Feel free to experiment with the guide I wrote, it wont produce as good results as Thierry does (no phase/time correction), but you can certainly improve the sound and in the process learn how you like it to sound: A guide how to do room correction and use it in Roon


Strictly speaking, the term “room correction” is extremely misleading. It actually should be called “speaker calibration software”. Quite obviously, the room itself isn’t changed (let alone “corrected”) in any way. I’m saying this because you can achieve much better results with (properly installed) acoustic room treatment…


That’s true. However, experimenting with software-based solutions can be a good choice, too. The thing is effective room treatment can be very expensive and doesn’t always look very good (in a living room etc.)…

(Henry) #346

Not every system needs filters. There has to be a sliding scale of effectiveness from essential to not required so there are bound to be examples where the filters don’t bring anything useful or rob the system of something the owner enjoys. So insisting that someone persevere is the very definition of forcing things. They tried it, it didn’t work for them, move on!