Roon & Home Audio Fidelity (Room Correction / convolution filter creation)


Ah, yes - I now understand what you mean.
The mics that come with the AVR’s/processors etc. Can they be used for this kind of measurement in REW though?


Just skimming this thread and it seems that the HAF filters are better than REW. Is there a step by step guide available, like Magnus made for REW?


I’m sure you’d get “a measurement”. As for the validity of it… :smiley:

Mine has a 3.5mm jack. So if I had a soundcard I could try it. Who knows - for timing it may actually be better than my usb based one :o:

But without a calibration file, and a 2mm aperture pointing straight up… I wouldn’t be sure of whether what it measured was in any way correct :smiley:


I have one of those mics from my Marantz/Audyssey HT pre. Maybe I should give it a try sometime for fun.

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Just want to share my experience with HAF. Read a lot of good things here about this service and I wanted to give it a try. I do not regret it. The filters work good for me, sound quality is better than before. Last, but not least the support provided by Thierry is awesome. He is very supporting through the whole process and his response time is extraordinary. I can highly recommend this service.


I experienced the same! Great service.


Agreed on both the sound and service - Dan


I see some test tracks in my inbox. Will try it over the next few days. For me the big test will be whether the HAF filters can better my own Acourate generated filters.

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@Audiogeek … and the verdict is… ? :grinning:


Alec, it was hard to come to a definite conclusion with 2 test tracks, but I liked what I heard enough to order the crosstalk reduction filters.

Since then, lets just say I have been listening to and enjoying music…

(Magnus) #135

Its hard to do A/B tests with the test tracks, since the room correction is build into them and can’t be turned off. Once you get the convolution filters, you can easily switch back and forth.

I think I am pretty good at doing room corrections in REW, but even then the HAF filters takes the sound to the next level. Not a super-big step, but well worth the money, at least for me and my room.


Completely agree. Easily betters my own convolution filters or what I achieved with dirac. Anyone with Roon and a normal home audio setup should give it a try.

The implementation also seems different with different software. Need to do more listening but initial impressions are the matrix pipeline implementation in HQPlayer works better for me than straight convolution filters in Roon. Not sure why this would be?



Since two years I used Acourate to build my own convolution filters and, from optimisation to optimisation, following Uli and Mitch Barnett’s e-book instructions, the results obtained was very good.
Some audiophile friends of mine confirmed me that my system sounded very good.
But I have decided to try and compare this result with HAF filters.
First Thierry’s production didn’t convinced me totally as I found some lack in bass register and some matter, voices for example.
According my criticisms and my suggestions, Thierry has quickly reacted understanding exactly what I meant and what I wanted.
So, I must convince that the result is now better than what I have obtained with my Acourate filters and my audiophile friends have confirmed this fact.
In brief, improvements concern sound realism, better bass control with more attack and energy, better sound stage (extent and 3D).

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I’m glad you are hearing positive results @Le_Dom
In my room his “magic” has made a huge difference, especially with the Sound stage/imaging.

His optimizations are getting better and better from what I’m hearing. He is very committed to helping people out. I trust his judgment. On some tracks it’s downright spooky! I swear the musicians are in the room with me.
Thanks Thierry and a Pastis or two! :slight_smile:


I guess one lesson from all of this is that none of us seem to have got the best out of Acourate or REW.

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Just got a new set of HAF filters from Thierry for my new system (replacing my KEF LS50W’s). As I’ve been without Roon convolution for a few weeks I’d forgotten that it takes a few hours of listening to adjust (and appreciate) the difference that the HAF filters really make. They really do a wonderful job of taming the bass response in my room (a big thing for me) but they also change the soundscape in a very pleasing and natural way. I think the words layered, wider and cohesive are the best descriptors that I can come up with.

Yet another big thank you and well done to Thierry… :smiley: Can’t recommend his work highly enough…

(Mark Allen) #141

I’ll try to post more later as I’ve also had time to adjust and listen to more music. Long story short the HAF filters have made me want to re-listen to all my favorite tracks. I’ve been using the Beta version with the “Head” measurements and its even better.


I also want to recommend people try the HAF filters. I was about to buy software and attempt creating filters myself but then spotted this options. Thank goodness. Doing the measurements (as outlined by Thierry) were not that difficult. I’m sure I could have gotten results with the software I was considering, but, I know it would have been time-consuming and painful……

Although I knew I had a lot of bass bouncing around my room, I was surprised at the first set of filters HAF developed. I think I have been bombarded with bass for so long that I thought the first filters ‘lacked’ bass. After several discussions and iterations with Thierry he added some bass back in ( but no where near what I had) and I am very happy with the results - the bass has oomph but also definition.

In the end I liked the cross-talk correction filters. I definitely now have a wider soundstage and better separation between instruments. For the price point (and saved time on my part) I can’t recommend Thierry’s filters enough. Not to mention the excellent service (and patience in my case) he provides. Just looked and I have 40 emails with him!


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The HAF filters have made a HUGE difference for my listening situation. I didn’t realize how good my system/speakers really is until I got the HAF filters. I really had to re-listen to my favorite tracks as I didn’t know that all the bass boom that I thought was normal really wasn’t. Now the bass has definition and its accurate. I didn’t lose any bass it just got tuned correctly for my environment which in turn expanded the soundstage considerably. The filters really are fantastic and you may not realize it on first listen. I vividly remember at first thinking “where did the bass go?” then after 2 mins a huge smile across my face realizing “hey this really does sound more natural”. Then I put on a track that’s well established to be one of the best live recordings of jazz (Bill Evans Live at Village Vanguard etc) and it sealed the deal. The soundstage was huge in my living room, my speakers disappeared. If I closed my eyes I couldn’t believe how the Bass/drums/piano just filled my living space.


Hm, this sounds I bit like myself! I’m very curious to try this, but have tried REW and just can’t work out how to do correct measurements. This obstacle is holding me back to spend the money (after all, also here: garbage in, garbage out). So are you saying Thierry clearly explains to you — dummy proof — how to do correct measurements? I miss a short instruction movie or animation, where a real or animated person demonstrates how to do what, step by step.