Roon & Home Audio Fidelity (Room Correction / convolution filter creation)


Interesting indeed. Roon’s UI update, HAF… 2018 already promises to be a good year for music! :grin:

(Mark Allen) #166

Hey koen, did you get your measurements ironed out? Have you had a chance to listen to your filters yet? I’m curious on your thoughts. Hopefully over the break I’ll try out the beta measurements tool from HAF (yep I’m beta testing it as well).


Hi Mark, no I paused everything until the christmas tree and decorations are gone, so I can’t really say anything yet. I did every step until Thierry’s final approval of my L1 and R1 (this took some repeated measurements), to make sure I now know how to do the whole measuring process correct. As soon as the living room is back to its original (acoustics) state, I will do the whole set of measurements and ask Thierry to create a filter. Enjoy your holiday break!

(Rene Bouwmeester) #168

Makes one wonder… How big is that tree?! :scream_cat:


Or rather… how small is that living room?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In fact, I’m considering making a hole in the ceiling. Might also improve my headroom a bit :wink:

(Mark Allen) #171

Gotcha and totally understand! Enjoy the break as well. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas


Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of approval for Thierry’s work. This thread is filled with superlatives but on my fairly modest system in a far from ideal room I thought there would be limits to how much things could change. Quite simply I was blown away last night, listening to very familiar music but getting a whole new experience from it - came away with a massive smile on my face and felt like I’d attended a private gig session :joy: :joy:

I used a camera tripod and gaffer tape for the measurements but I’d agree that a mic stand, particularly in an awkward space, would have made that process a whole lot easier.

(Larry Megugorac) #173

I sent Thierry my measurements using Mark Allen’s example above for my Umik placement and REW software. Not very good at using that software so I hope he can figure out what the heck I sent him. I currently use a Mini DSP DDRC-88A for Room correction…it made a huge change to my system …I could not believe the difference. But I want to eliminate the DDRC’s A>D and D>A conversions, their associated hardware and extra cabling literally wasting the efforts of my latest DAC addition. Thierry’s becoming quite the celebrity here @ Roon! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Rémi) #174

Let us know the outcome and A/B comparison between your Dirac hardware setup and HAF software corrections.

(Larry Megugorac) #175


I hope it gives me the same quality the Mini DSP did. If not then I will try the Dirac Software that can be used without the Mini DSP Hardware…

(Mark Allen) #176

He should become more popular. I never realized how good my speakers actually are until I used the HAF filters.

(Larry Megugorac) #177


Thanks for that…I know what RC can do for my system as I experienced with my Mini DSP 8 channel hardware. Though Thierry is only doing two channels I hope he eventually does Multi-channel some too…It’s amazing to me how much Room Correction does for my system as well as everyone else…The Audessey RC simply does not hold a candle to Dirac…

Looking forward to working with Thierry based upon everyone else’s results have been with his Filters.


Without reading the whole thread yet, do you happen to know what software he is using ? Maybe Aurate or Audiolense ? Or maybe a professional studio software ?


I currently use the HAF filters in HQP with Roon front end. I still have my MiniDSP dirac ddrc22d which I use for CD, bluetooth, USB, youtube etc. - Roon still wont take external sources.
You wont be disappointed with the HAF filters if dirac is your reference.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #180

Did you remeasure with REW for the HAF filters?


Yes, I used Rew, but with a rme babyface and behringer mictophone

(Rémi) #182

From what I’ve read on the French Hifi forum, Thierry has developed his own filter generation software based on Scilab.

(Larry Megugorac) #183


Thanks for chiming in…I am anxiously awaiting Theirry’s Filters…I have already bypassed the DDRC-88A for my two front channels…currently sounds like ass without RC…even eliminating the other hardware…I hope I get my Filters today…

And remeasure with his Filters should yield a way smooth curve like Dirac did…I can’t wait…!!!

I have no idea how to implement his HAF filters with Roon…hope that goes easier than using REW software…I guess there will be a general instructions…

(Rémi) #184

Very simple : open DSP module / convolution / load the .zip file provided by Thierry / adjust headroom as instructed by Thierry (if required)