Roon Home Screen issue

Core Machine

Roon Nucleus

Network Details

Ethernet into Nucleus

Audio Devices

Cambridge audio CXNV2

Library Size

Mainly streaming via Tidal

Description of Issue

Roon Home Screen - Roon icon keeps searching under ‘Genres for you’ and does not progress. Been having this issue since 4pm Sydney time. It is now 7 so the the last 3 hours or so.

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Are you seeing similar issues on any other pages?

If you give your Nucleus a reboot is there any change?

Hi @dylan

No issues on other pages. Radio still glitchy and dropping out from time to time briefly with the usual error messages. Reboot didn’t help unfortunately. Screenshot from 6:15 AM Sydney time

Update : @dylan - noted issues with the album page as mentioned on the linked thread

@Dylan have you guys had a chance to look into this. It is a continuing issue but across multiple pages. Home, Album, artist etc. Essentially data simply does not load consistently. At times it will do after a lag and others the Roon logo runs on without progressing. Would appreciate some #support

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