Roon Home Screen - Qobuz Playlist behaviour issue

I want to report a minor issue (at least I think it is). Maybe it is a feature???

At thez bottom of Roon’s Home Screen, you will find Qobuz playlist (if you have a Qobuz subscription that is).

If you open a Qobuz Playlist on the Home Screen, and you scroll to e.g. the middle of that playlist,
then you decide to select another Qobuz playlist, this new one will open not at the Start of the Playlist, but at the same ‘middle’ position of the Playlist that is abandonded.

Are you hitting the back button first to back out of the first playlist before going to the second playlist?

It’s a known issue. Happens to all playlists.

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Hi @Dirk_De_Taey,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I’ve checked and it looks like we have an open ticket for this very issue. Our developers should correct this behavior but I don’t have a current timeline for that to happen. If I happen to get a timely answer or fix I will come back and let you know.


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