Roon @ home + Tidal on the go


I’m fairly new to Roon and Tidal and trying to get my head around a way of doing things that I was used to with iTunes Match. Have my files locally at home, and have them matched on my phone while I’m on the go.

I’ve all my FLAC files in Roon (ripped myself from my own CDs) and at home I can play them nice with Roon without any hassle. But when I’m on the go, I no longer can use Roon, so I want to use Tidal to stream my own music to me. I was hoping for a Roon/Tidal integration that automagically ads all my albums/tracks to Tidal.

Using Tidal for discovery is nice, but I’m missing my own music when not at home. Having to set it up manually is a task I would like to have automated instead of having to do this manually.

Have I missed something in the Roon/Tidal integration? Is this a feature Roon & Tidal are working on?

Or is there an other way of achieving what I want with Roon?

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Tidal is a music streaming service like Spotify . You have to add albums to it via their app or if you add albums from Tidal in Roon then then they will show up as favourite albums in the Tidal app. This isn’t instant as there is a sync done at Intervals. There is no equivalent of iTunes Match you have to do this manually you can’t sync your own albums to Tidal. You can try this 3rd party software that may do what you want. You have to pay for it, but you can just sub for a month sync and cancel to get the main batch done.


Thx for the reply. I got what Tidal is & I know it’s not the same as iTunes Match.

But, all I want is my own curated/bought music on the go. Roon has no cloud counterpart (I could expose my Roon server on my home router, but this is not ideal). So that’s why I looked at the Tidal integration. Soundiiz sync playlists but not Albums from Roon.

The easiest route today might be to have all my FLACs converted to ALACs and go back the Apple Music route. I won’t be paying twice for the same service. A missed opportunity by Roon imho. It just could be as simple as syncing albums between Roon → Tidal…

Roon could even partner up with those streaming services and offer this as an integrated cloud based service. Then you never have to leave the Roon app anymore. Even on the go.

So my early excitement for Roon has turned into a serious disappointment.

I would love to have a service like this, that you are mentioning.
Today I need to “add” a Tidal (or in my case Qobuz) album, and use my ALAC ripped CD as default.
In that case I will be listning to my CD-rip at home and Tidal/Qobuz version on the go.

There is a feature request for this, Roon have confirmed it is on their roadmap.

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Actually, you can sync albums, playlists and artists. See instructions at the soundiiz link above. This will do exactly what you want.

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