Roon How-to Videos

Looking at the Roon website, there is a video on the homepage showing someone navigating and finding connections in their music. One of the great things I’ve found is the credits tab - but first tried the track credits and that usually had limited success (not roons fault - the metadata often doesn’t exist at a track level). I found this from a video on YouTube. Reading the feature requests there are often “it would be great if…” and then someone who has used the product for a while comes back and says “You can do that, but need to do…”.

It would be great if there were support videos - some about features, many about scenarios or use cases - quick, snappy videos showing how to achieve things in Roon. Roon is a small team (it actually isn’t a huge task) so maybe the community creates videos and puts them on here - A Support / How-to section. Doesn’t have to be audio - Post a descriptive subject and a brief description. Alternatively a series of screenshots.

This way it also means folks who are in the trial phase can have a frame of reference - how are others getting value out of Roon, and also what does the metadata do? Thinking here is if you have a 14 day trial, are you going to curate metadata to achieve things not knowing if it is going to work (and then abandon after 14 days)? Or do you post “Roon needs…”.

I’m happy to contribute. I am new to Roon, so many of the videos would be very simple and to anyone who has used the product for more than 5 minutes would know it… but there are folks who have used it less (or are thinking of a trial). Equally there are members here who have used it for years. And understand the intricacies of DSP and the sound path etc…

Something it wouldn’t be for is for folks to have a go at each other. “Can’t believe you did it like that. That’s so dumb… you should have…”. There are many ways to achieve things, and we find ways that work for us. As always, YMMV. They also aren’t for showing off your prowess with the product… don’t make it complicated to make it about the user skills… make it about the software.

Any thoughts? Share your experience.


Yes, I’ve been working/thinking about videos. Need to finish and publish my ROCK video first.