Roon + HQP error - "Transport: Roon has lost control of the audio device"

(John Culver) #61

Even though I am not too computer savvy (obv), I was an early adopter of computer audio. First Squeezebox (best product ever) in 07. As with HQP now, i wasted hours and hours getting things to work. but, once the bugs were worked out, it hugely improved my listening experience. I expect much the same with HQP.

I am playing this on a my second system-mid fi by HQP user standards, bit still fairy nice. With HQP, sounds like the Feelies are in the room (btw, their new album is highly recommended). Never achieved that with this system before.

Hope to run this on main system at some point, however, I am still loving my Modwright modded Transporter, which is not compatible with HQP.

Off to enjoy (and get some work done).


(Thomas Schori) #62

Same here, pretty annoying